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"The Only Winning Lotto Strategy that Pays You to Play the Florida Lottery,
Even If You Don't Win!"

If someone were to tell you that you could become an instant millionaire, whatís the first thing that comes to mind? Winning the lottery, right? Millions of people play it every week in the hopes that they too hit the big jackpot. The Florida Lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the US, with people coming from different states and all over the world to play. The jackpot averages 20 million dollars and has gone over 100 million!

Millions of people spend billions of dollars in lottery tickets each day. The market is also flooded with systems that analyze previous numbers, hot numbers, and more. Some of these systems cost hundreds of dollars, and all require two things: Work and Money.

Whether you are guessing at numbers, using computer analysis, or some other system, the only true way to increase your odds at winning is to purchase more tickets.

This is something most of these systems will have you doing anyway, so even with the added edge they may provide, you are going to spend more money in tickets, spend time learning the system, and still have no guarantees at all.
There is a Better, Easier Way!

What if the situation was completely flipped around? Instead of paying more money to get slightly better odds, how would you like to not only have the best possible odds of winning, but also actually earn money instead of paying it? Better yet, what if I told you that the more money you were making (even if you lose every drawing), the better your odds would be at winning in the future?

How would you like to have the power of the most complex lottery systems in existence today without the learning curve? More importantly, how would you like to have the power of being able to increase your odds by playing on many, many, many tickets, with carefully selected numbers, and without having to pay for those tickets?

Sound crazy? Well it's not. Itís an incredible rock-solid system that has been in use since 1996 without a hitch. Many people worldwide are receiving checks every single month, just to play the Florida lottery. Donít you want one coming to your mailbox too?
The Lotto Magic Lottery Pool
Will Make You Money,
Even If No One In It Ever Wins!

Let me ask you a crazy question:

Suppose I can show you a system that has far superior odds than if you were to play alone, would cost you far less money (or was even free, or paid you each month), but the only drawback to it was that you shared ticket winnings instead of keeping 100%. But, you get to play a hundred, a thousand, or many, many, more tickets!

A lottery pool is a group of people sharing the same ticket, and it is a fact that pools win most lottery jackpots. Since pools have more buying power, they usually purchase more tickets, which increases odds. The downside to pools is that as more people enter the pool, your percentage of ticket winnings decreases propotionally.

Pools can also increase their edge by doing painstaking analysis to play numbers that are hot, use complex software to increase odds, and add wheeling systems or other methods. But, the number one method to increase odds will always be to purchase more tickets, which adds to your expense.

What if you could have the power of the most complex lottery analysis combined with the power of pools without having to do any of the work yourself?

What if all you had to do to start this pool was play on your own tickets by being a Lotto Magic Team Captain? Once you join, your cost is always the same.

Imagine that this pool can grow as large as you want it to be, so your odds increase as each person comes in and more tickets are purchased, BUT your share of the winnings is always the same: 50 percent of your own ticket winnings and ten percent of all other tickets in your pool. Your cost never goes up, even though you will be playing on hundreds or even thousands of tickets in every drawing! Imagine, that as this pool grew, your monthly income just kept getting bigger, even if you or no one in the pool ever wins!

Think about these points again: You can grow a pool to as many people as you like, a hundred, a thousand, a million, it doesnít matter. If any one of these people win anything, you get 10%. If you win, you get half! Your cost is always the same, every month, no matter how many people are in the pool!

Now I know this sounds impossible, but itís 100% the absolute truth and has been working like clockwork for over a decade! But thereís more:

While you are waiting to become a millionaire, the Lotto Magic Lottery Club is going to put money in your pocket each month! How much is entirely up to you, but $4,000 or more is easily achievable. Donít believe me? Look at what this 67-year old retired grandma from Ohio has to say:

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Lotto Magic! Get Paid to Play Lotto, Even if you don't win!

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