The Pulsating Matrix is innovative new matrix structure, designed for everybody to earn an extra income (up to $6558 per month).

Here is a quote direct:
"Our philosophy here at Message Magic Software is to monetarily REWARD ALL OF OUR SUBSCRIBERS, especially our members that have had little or no luck making a income in other companies. We believe there needed to be a change that would be REVOLUTIONARY. What we unveil here is a system designed for the success of all its subscribers week after week, month after month, year after year (not just the few that happen to be fortunate to enter early on). "

The matrix is structured in three pulses, each lasting approx. 5 days:

Pulse 1
This is a traditional 3x7 Level forced matrix. Meaning that you can receive spillover from your upline if they get more that three referrals on their level and in turn when you have more than three referrals, they get spilled to your downline.

Pulse 2
The entire matrix gets flipped upside down, meaning the the people on the bottom gets placed on the very top of the matrix.

Pulse 3
The matrix gets rebuild in order from lowest earners to highest earners, meaning the people who haven't earned anything from the matrix could get placed on top.

Subscription to this matrix is $15 per month, where $14 gets distributed 7 levels up ($2 per level).
That is a 93,33% payout ratio.

When monthly fees get dued, you get paid from your downline, depending on which pulse you are.
And paydays are every 5 days by means of solidtrustpay, alertpay and credit card.

For more information, please go to:
The Pulsating Matrix