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The MyNuCompany.com Online Marketing System

This innovative system can put YOU on the fast track to success for FREE!*

Imagine a system that will advertise for you to find the highest quality prospects for your business. This system can do just that. Also, imagine a system that follows-up with these prospects via email on an ongoing basis for as many messages or time as you would like. Just look at the benefits you will receive by getting on this incredible system.

Just Look at What You Receive!
FREE* Matrix AutoBuilder System & Tools

Our revolutionary new autobuilder system will grow your downline faster than you ever thought possible.

You will have FREE access to this powerful automated matrix builder for a full 14-days.

Your job for your first 14 days is to simply give away FREE systems just like the one you're about to order!

A very simple, yet powerful way to build your business before you join.

Complete Online Marketing System - also FREE!*
High-Impact Website
Call Back Request Form
High Impact Flash Lead Capture Page
Customizable "About Me" Page
Professionally Designed Email Templates
Professionally Pre-Written Email Autoresponder Messages
Full Contact Manager
Integrated Real-time Leads
Robust Autoresponder/Email System
Internet Training, Lead Generation Techniques & More

Personal Marketing Website High Quality Lead Capture Pages
When you join us, you can get your very own personalized marketing website, just like this one. This will help you market your business to the millions of people on the Internet! These professionally designed lead capture pages will help you pull the highest quality lead possible, and therefore have a very good chance of signing up a new distributor.

Comprehensive Back Office Contact Manager
This is "Command Central" where you will utilize the features of our system. You have complete access to all of the leads you generate, training material and many other things. This comprehensive Contact Manager allows you to stay on top of your prospects until they convert into a distributor or a customer. It keeps track of all the emails you've sent this prospect, insert notes and more.

Multi-Campaign Autoresponders
High Quality Real-Time Leads

With this robust email platform you can create multiple campaigns for your autoresponder messages. Create a set of messages for business prospects and one for customer prospects. We offer multiple lead packages with complete integration into your autoresponder messages and your contact manager. Just a few clicks and you can have your back office loaded with real-time fresh prospects!

Email Broadcasting Custom Lead Capture Pages
In addition to the series of autoresponder messages your prospects will receive, you can also send an email broadcast to your entire group...or segment your group any way you want and send a special announcement to just that group. We provide you with a great looking template that you can insert your own content into (no programming or HTML experience necessary). It's as easy as typing in a word processor. Now you can truly have a one-of-a-kind lead capture page!

Resources and Training

MyNuCompany.com provides you with many resources and training material to get you properly trained and working the business. Everything from phone scripts to articles on recruiting distributors is provided to you in your Back Office. We want you to learn to become an effective Internet marketer, and one of the key ways to do this is to analyse where your best leads come from and what pages and being viewed. We provide all of this information in your Back Office.

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