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iBuzzPro :: Automatic Recruiter
Smart Marketers NEVER Chase Customers... INSTEAD They Get Customers To Chase Them!
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I do this?

Absolutely! The iBuzzPro™ system is the most user friendly voice broadcasting software available. iBuzzPro™ even has written and video tutorials to guide you through every step. ANYONE can do this!
Is the broadcast pricing competitive?

iBuzzPro™ is the most inexpensive broadcast plan available at only 1.9 cents per 30 second message with 6 second billing after the first 30 seconds. Compared to an industry average of 10 - 12 cents per minute and rounded off to a full minute.
Do I have to cold call?

No. iBuzzPro™ is designed to do all the sorting for you so that you are only talking to interested parties.
Should I call all of the people who respond?

Using iBuzzPro™ can be totally automated but, if you wish to skyrocket your success, it is wise to at least give a courtesy call back to those who respond to your broadcasts.
Do I have to have a product or service to sell in order to make money with iBuzzPro™?

No. You can market the iBuzzPro™ product itself to anyone who has a product or service to sell or even to help those who need to recruit people for their MLM or network marketing program.
Do I have to sell the iBuzzPro™'s business opportunity?

No, but if you are in a network marketing program, you can make some excellent money referring your associates or business owners that you know to use iBuzzPro™.
How soon can I get started?

The sooner you get your iBuzzPro™ set up, the sooner you can begin increasing your income.
Do I have to sign up now?

No, but the longer you procrastinate the more likely you are to keep doing what you are doing. If you continue to do what you are doing now - you will continue to get the same results as you have been.
How do I get started?

Go to your sponsor's link and register. Login with your new registration, scroll to the bottom of the page and purchase your system. Then start clicking Your Way to Success. Welcome Aboard!

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iBuzzPro :: Automatic Recruiter

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