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* Do you want to earn online money?
* Are you looking for part-time job?
* Are you serious about online income?
* Are you looking for genuine scam free money making site?
* If yes, then you are at the Right Place!

Himarticles Referral Affiliate Program!:

Earning online money with Himarticles Referral Affiliate Earnings is very simple and easy. We will give you very smart incentives for just promoting Himarticles Referral Affiliate Program for almost free. After registering your membership with us you'll get your referral link. Promote this link to build your down line members as much as you can. Our system will credit your account with $2.50 for each your direct referrals when they upgrade their membership. You will also earn extra 20% of what your direct referrals will earn. Your earnings will not stop here, you will get more 10% of your second level referral's earnings. The earning potential is unlimited! There is no admin interference, 100% fair, genuine and guaranteed.
Incentives you will receive:

* $2.50 per active referral.
* 20% of your 1st level referral's earning. (only for active members)
* 10% of your 2nd level referral's earning. (only for active members)
* $1.00 bonus for every 10 active referrals.
* $0.10 per referral bonus but he must verify e-mail address.
* $0.005 per visitor (traffic Bonus) using your referral link.
* 50% referral commission of PTC Earnings Click here for details
* More earning opportunities will be added in future.

Minimum Payout & Methods:

You will receive your first payment when you earn minimum $5.00. This is to cover your registration fee as soon as possible. And after then the minimum payout would be $10.00 for all subsequent payments. All the payments will be made via Paypal/Alertpay Account. Indian members can choose either Cheque/SBI/ICICI bank transfer. For more details please read FAQ.

Type of memberships:

1. Standard member: You can join as a standard member without paying registration fee but you will not get all benefit of our program. Standard members can upgrade membership with account balance.

2. Active member: To get all the benefits of our referrals program you have to upgrade your membership with very nominal one time registration fee $5.00 (Rs 200/=). You can upgrade your membership at any time. We will activate your account within 12 hrs after confirmation of registration fee. Please mention your affiliate user Name in your transactions.

You can pay your membership fee through Alertpay/Paypal/Bank Transfer/Demand draft and deduction form your earnings. Read FAQ for more details.

Earnings are a function of time. If you promote Himarticles Affiliate Earnings consistently, you are sure to earn. Probably, you need to scale up the promotion activity in the right direction.
Believe in power of 10=$325

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