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Message Magic Software Proudly Presents a Revolutionary Product and the Equally Revolutionary Compensation Plan

The World's First Pulsating Matrix Compensation Plan

Our Mission & Motto is "Liberating Families, One At A Time"

Warning & Disclaimer! This may not be suitable reading for all people, especially heavy hitters who enjoy permanent seats on the top of deep and fat forced matrixes... Our philosophy here at Message Magic Software is to monetarily REWARD ALL OF OUR SUBSCRIBERS, especially our members that have had little or no luck making a income in other companies. We believe there needed to be a change that would be REVOLUTIONARY. What we unveil here is a system designed for the success of all its subscribers week after week, month after month, year after year (not just the few that happen to be fortunate to enter early on).

We are very proud to announce the worlds first Pulsating Matrix, a matrix configuration that will absolutely astound industry observers, members and business owners. It is a system designed to help the average person make money for the very first time ever, and is all but guaranteed to take ALL negative aspects of building a forced matrix type compensation plan and throw them away forever!

The Pulsating Matrix Structure

The 1st PULSE - The traditional build of a 3x7 Forced Matrix.

The best way to think of the Message Magic Pulsating Matrix is to first consider it to be a 3x7 Forced Matrix. It builds in the traditional way everyone is familiar with, meaning 3 people on level 1, 9 people on level 2, 27 people on level 3 and so on...

And for the next FIVE DAYS as new members come in and pay their $15 fee, and as the monthly membership fees come due and are paid, these earnings ($2 per person per level) get stamped seven levels upward.

But here is where it gets interesting. So interesting, in fact, you are going to shake your head in amazement in it's power, it's simplicity, it's fairness to ALL members, and how ALL PARTICIPANTS can earn money. There is no smoke and mirrors with this and you will understand it perfectly.

The 1st Pulse lasts for approximately 5 days and then we move to the 2nd Pulse.

The 2nd PULSE - This is to give the newest person the excitement that comes with being at the top of a forced matrix.

When we shift from the 1st Pulse to the 2nd Pulse what we do is this: we turn the entire matrix upside down. In other words, the last person in becomes the top of the matrix and we rebuild the matrix in perfect formation from that last position (last in) backwards to the first position (the first one in will now be placed at the BOTTOM of the matrix!).

This structure makes people WANT to join, even though they are coming in long after the business started. Think of this... Imagine how exciting it is for a person who joins and suddenly finds out they are at the top of a 3x7 matrix?!?!?!

And then for the next FIVE DAYS as the monthly membership fees come due and are paid, these earnings ($2 per person per level) get stamped seven levels upward going to the NEWEST PEOPLE who just came in!

The 2nd Pulse lasts for approximately 5 days and then we move to the 3rd Pulse.

The 3rd PULSE - This is to ensure nobody gets left behind.

When we shift from the 2nd Pulse to the 3rd Pulse we once again rebuild the entire matrix, this time it is sorted in descending order based on how much a person has earned while a member of The Pulsating Matrix (which considers both monthly fees and accumulated earnings). In other words, the people who have earned the LEAST (net) will be at the TOP of the matrix and it will build downward based on how LITTLE they have earned so far. It also means those people who have earned the MOST will now be placed at the BOTTOM of the matrix!

And then for the next FIVE DAYS as the monthly membership fees come due and are paid these earnings ($2 per person per level) will be stamped seven levels upward going to the people who have earned the least! You would have to agree this goes way beyond what is normally considered to be fair!!

The 3rd Pulse lasts for approximately 5 days and then we move back to the 1st Pulse.... with the matrix being rebuilt as it originally did from top to bottom following lines of sponsorship.

The Payout

Message Magic Software pays it's members $2 per person per level throughout the matrix. Keeping in mind the monthly license fee for using the software is only $15, this represents an industry leading, and astounding, 93.3% payout!

In recognition of who the money really belongs to, the members, Message Magic Software pays accumulated earnings the day after each pulse ends. That's right, payday is every 5 days!

To Summarize

Can you see the PULSE, the rhythm, the heartbeat created here, and the excitement it can create?!?!?! Nobody gets left behind in this design folks, we've created a compensation plan that levels the playing field and where people with no previous experience or capacity to build huge organizations can benefit in a real way... where it counts... in your monthly cash-flow.

We will continue this Pulsating Matrix rhythm each and every 5 days moving from the 1st Pulse to the 2nd Pulse to the 3rd Pulse and then back to the 1st Pulse... thereby creating a Heart-Beat, a LOUD PULSE, that will be felt around the world!

Meet The Owner

On November 10th, 2008 the owner and creator of Message Magic Software and The Pulsating Matrix, Grant Andrews, was interviewed (in English) on a phone in radio show. Here is that interview:

Pulsating Matrix Policies

In order to prevent people from simply creating free placeholder type positions in the matrix to just "wait and see what happens", and to keep the matrix as pure as possible, the following applies:


There are no sponsoring requirements to earn commissions in The Pulsating Matrix. All it takes to earn commissions is for the account holder to have a current, fully paid license.

There are no free positions in The Pulsating Matrix.

When a person joins The Pulsating Matrix they are expected to pay their monthly software license fee on the same day. If they don't pay their license fee then as payments are applied from people below them in the matrix, the earnings will bypass them to the next qualified person (this is commonly known as compression). If and when this happens the member will be notified by email that earnings passed them by going upline to the next qualified matrix member.

Account holders whose software license has expired for longer than 7 days are not included in the revolutionary and very powerful 2nd & 3rd Pulses.

New positions in the Pulsating Matrix will be given 7 days to upgrade their account or the position will be forfeit.

In the event the monthly subscription payment cannot be made on the 2nd or 3rd or later payment when it comes due (their credit card is declined or there is insufficient funds in their payment processor account) they will be given 30 days to get their house in order and fund the account. If they do not then they forfeit the position and will lose their downline.


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