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    Arrow 3900income

    GDI CLONE is here!

    ***** New Domain Biz- Just Launched,7 Days Free.
    It's called 3900 income..

    It is based on the idea of a Wealth Distribution Community..

    What does that mean?

    It simply means that wealth is created by the distribution of money..

    3900 has a free 7 day trial.. just like $$$
    3900 gives a free domain name.. just like $$$
    3900 provides a free affiliate website.. just like $$$
    3900 pays 5 levels down.. just like $$$

    Unlike $$$ though is the cost.. only $6 a month
    unlike $$$ it pays back to its members $5 of that $6,
    you know $$$ only pays back half the $10 plus bonus money..

    Whats so special about 3900 then?

    It uses a 5 x 5 matrix, which in english means each level has
    only 5 levels below it, so 5 becomes 25, 25 becomes 125 etc

    in $$$ terms it looks like this..


    Total = $3905

    so you are thinking.. what's the benefit?

    the benefit is when I fill up my first level of 5 members
    then my 6th, 7th signup etc will go below my first 5 members..

    so I am helping my first 5 signups get downline members from
    my promotions..

    I know this is going to be very popular..

    Get in NOW.. enjoy the spillover as I signup others below you..

    you will get the first 7 days fre/e!!

    Join me with this exciting new venture..

    to our success


    Join Here

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    3900Income is now back online, there has been a rapid growth in just few days and now with all security problems sorted out this program will explode with further growth - I had 45 join in just few days.

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