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    Default grandelitia -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    Grand Elitia

    Corporate Referral Opportunities
    With the growing affluence of the mid-high level social classes, these critical crowds continue to demand for higher living and recreation options. Grand Elitia, is well-poised to handle these influx of requirements with our huge network across the globe. From the ground up, we are able to offer great value to our members. We value add to these masses by creating unique and high-value networking opportunities amongst leisure. Now working from scales of economy, we are able to create a ***** new business opportunities amongst our operations.

    “Our business growth is based on the idea of positive ‘karma’. As members, they have the power to add depth and width to the lives of their peers. And while doing so, receiving the rewards of a life that is meaningful and financially free.”

    Members can take part in our Corporate Referral Programs at different levels to enjoy rebates and streaming revenue when they recommend new members to Grand Elitia. As a privileged member, you have the capacity can elevate and enrich the lives of those around you. By referring them to Grand Elitia, you bring to them new ways of living and more importantly, networking and growth opportunities. Grand Elitia rewards such positive introductions with a highly attractive referral program, that includes stable streams of passive income. These opportunities allows individuals, to fuse leisure with a unique business plan that takes them to even higher levels of affluence.

    For more information, visit
    Grand Elitia

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    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    Default Grand Elitia - Live Life on High

    Grand Elitia

    Lead Story
    Grand Elitia’s “In Its World, In Its Class” service makes a statement like no other! We work on giving our members the ultimate experience with full fledge of fun and enjoyment. With Grand Elitia’s innate alliance to private clubs, casinos, restaurants and many other entertainment venues & events, we are here to provide you with the best possible lifestyle that one can and should live up to!

    Tag to “Live Life on High”, we orchestrate our members’ life to the grandest!
    Grand Elitia invites you to learn more about our exciting, invaluable service. Together, we can explore in detail, the value of our membership, the business referral opportunities that you have, and how you, as well as your peers can benefit from our positively outrageous service!

    Corporate History & Overview
    With a notion of “Elitism” lifestyle in mind, Grand Elitia was formed by parent company NeoLux Limited to cater to the increasing mid-high level social classes with growing appetite for top level living and entertainment activities. Having strong roots in the cultural crossroads in Europe and the Americas, Grand Elitia’s club presence and service offerings now travels beyond these home regions to newer Asia-Pacific and Middle-East markets.

    "China's luxury market is currently about €500 million, or $631 million, the size of the budget of a second-tier European City such as Madrid," Claudia D'Arpizio, a consultant with Bain in Milan, said in an interview in Shanghai. "It's small, but it's growing at the incredible pace of between 50 and 60 percent each year."

    The mid-high social classes now armed with ever-increasing affluence now seeks higher levels of networking opportunities amidst leisure and vice-versa. In view of such a growing market, we provide constant interaction between individuals by way of our in-house parties and social events across the globe, throughout the year. The positive networking cycles amidst leisure creates new opportunities and ventures and in-turn promotes higher levels of success or our members in Grand Elitia.

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