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Do You Have Trouble Building a Downline?
Do You Have Trouble Keeping a Downline?

Then F5BAds is For You!

Launched in October!

We Build Your Downline For You!
We Make It Easier to Keep a Downline!

How F5BAds (F5BA) Works:
Our first program is Fortune5Bucks.com - a $5 one-time program.
You subscribe to F5BA at $6.99 per month...

For your Seven Bucks you get...
Each month you are given 250,000 Advertising Points to Purchase Site Advertising.
This is a $25 Value - Every Month You are Subscribed!

As a bonus...
We place you in Fortune5Bucks.com - one position every month.
We then build your downline for you from other subscribers.
With a twist... the second month, we reverse the order.
If you were last in last month, you will be first in this month!
The next month... It reverses again!

ALL Income from the TOP Position and Advertising Purchases is used to
buy extra positions each month and these are added last.
These extra positions are given to the top referrers each month!

You also earn $1 $2 (limited time) for every referral you bring in that subscribes.

Pro Membership

250000 points on joining

5 points for every ad read

200 points for every solo ad click

1000 points for every referral

Post 10 times a day

$2.00 for every paid referral

Price: $6.99 Monthly
Sign Up Free, Then Upgrade Inside!

Free Membership

100 points on joining

2 points for every ad read

50 points for every solo ad click

1000 points for every referral

Post once every 3 day(s)

$2.00 for every paid referral

Free Members Signup
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Do not signup with the following email addresses: AOL.com, SBCGLOBAL.net, COMCAST.net, BELLSOUTH.net, MSN.com, NETZERO.net, PRODIGY.net

For more information, visit
F5BAds Free Text Ad Exchange and F5B Team Builder!

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