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Welcome to Profits 2 U

Are You Ready For an Opportunity to Increase Your Profits, And Join a Team Of 12? Want to take advantage of the Vast Amount of Advertising Available to All Members of Profits 2 U?

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1. How much does it cost to join Profits-2-U?
The total cost to Join Profits 2 U is $10. No Fees to Join! back to top
2. What types of payment processors do you take?
Currently we take Alertpay, Solid Trust, and SafePaySolutions, which are all automatic, which means your account is updated immediately. You can use your credit card though Alertpay, or SafePaySolutions. back to top
3. Can I join for Free?
You can join for free, but in order to participate in Profits 2 U, you must contact admin first to have your account activated through the PIF Process. This can take up to 10 business days. Our product is providing advertising solutions and for this there is a cost of $10. To activate your account immediately all you have to do is purchase the advertising package and then you are instantly eligible to earn from Profits 2 U. The system will delete any non active accounts after 48 hours, if need more time, you can submit a support ticket, and an admin will get back with you. back to top
4. What is your policy on refunds?
If you are not satisfied with the Advertising Package from P2U, you will receive a full refund by submitting a support ticket within 48 hours of your initial purchase. The refund will be to the original ecurrency account you purchased with. Refunds will be processed within 48-72 hours. back to top
5. What is the monthly cost to continue in Profits-2-U?
There is no monthly fees to be a Member of Profits 2 U. EVER. We charge $10 for the initial payment, and there are no fees to Join. back to top
6. Am I allowed to purchase multiple positions?
It is actually recommended, it if you can afford it. If you buy 3 additional positions then you only need to fill your second level to get your first cycle! You can even use the same email address for all your positions - you just need individual usernames. back to top
7. Can I buy into a higher level?
At this time it is not possible. You can however, buy multiple positions under your first one and can automatically be entered into higher levels this way. (For example buy 12 additional positions under your first and get placed into the next level, along with your 13 original positions!) back to top
8. Where do my re-entries go and who is the referrer?
At Topaz Level - your re-entries both go back into Topaz (along with an entry up into Sapphire Level). At the higher levels, one re-entry goes back into the same level you just cycled from while the remaining re-entries go back into Topaz Level with you as the referrer. back to top
9. What if I do not want to participate in your affiliate program?
That is no problem at all. Our main focus is providing valuable advertising for a fair price. The affiliate program is just a bonus to help grow our business and those of our Advertising Partners. back to top
10. I am having a problem with my referal link not working right, what can I do?
What you need to do is clear your cookies, and close your browser windows. Then relaunch your browser and try your referral link again, if you do not clear your cookies and your session, this will happen every time. A Few Members report that they are viewing P2U via AOL Browsers, and this will cause your referral link to not work at all. You need to be using a Stand Alone Browser like IE 7&8, or FireFox. Let us know if you are still having trouble after clearing your browser session & cookies. back to top
11. How do I get my account paid foward?
Send an email to [email protected], with PIF in the subject line. Your acct name will be added to the Pay It Foward List in the Members area. As soon as a Paid Member becomes available to PIF you, your account will be upgraded under that Members id. You can also email your Sponsor, to let them know you are interested in the PIF Option. back to top
12. I got an email saying that my referral has been verified, but I don't see him in my matrix, or on my overview page, whats the deal?
Your referral is still in the site once they become verified, and they will not show under you until they have paid their account.

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Profits 2 U : Profits-2-U.com

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