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Welcome, Acquire Benefits Group has JUST started Pre-Launch! Acquire prides itself on having unbelievable products that "make sense" and SAVE people money. View our Pre-Launch video to find out more!

* Health Benefits
* Discount Dining
* Discount Travel
* Prescription Discounts
* Gas Rebates
* Complimentary Cruise
* 24hr Roadside Assistance
* Virtual Discount Mall

Acquire Benefits Group started its Pre-Launch phase on October 26th 2008. We are extremely excited to be approaching the formal launch of our unbelievable company & concept! Acquire is poised for huge growth and success, due to our incredible “mainstream” products that relate to everyone. We distribute our wonderful private labeled, money saving products / benefits, directly to the market place through our MR’S (Marketing Representatives). Acquire has set a solid foundation in place with offices and facilities to help our customers and MR’S achieve their goals! Acquire is committed to providing unique benefits that save people money, make sense and have obvious VALUE! Acquire is also known for the wonderful home we provide to all of our MR’S, with our industry recognized compensation plan that HIGHLY rewards those for selling the Acquire Benefit product line!

"If you’re going to spend money, spend it smart."

cquire has one of the most rewarding Marketing Representative (MR) opportunities in the industry. Based on word-of-mouth advertising, we provide our products and benefits directly to the market place through our MR’S. Our benefits make SO much sense saving people money on things they already do and money they already spend. This obviously creates a HIGH demand for our products and benefits. We will attract THOUSANDS of people based on our products, combined with the opportunity to sell them! Our “make sense” benefits & concept fuels the incredible income potential if you choose to work Acquire as a business! We have paired this "concept creator" with a compensation phenomenon! At Acquire we have great experience as top level distributors and ****utives in the home business industry. We understand that a unique and rewarding compensation plan is what drives volume, leadership, behavior and success! We also understand that TRUE success is built on a SOLID foundation. We encourage you to take advantage of the Pre-Launch timing that has been placed in front of you. Take advantage of a company that is already growing at a VERY fast pace! Congratulations, you are here BEFORE the thousands and thousands that are coming. Acquire is widely known with their industry recognized compensation plan and money saving products! We look forward to welcoming you to the MR (Marketing Representative) family!

"EARN money helping people SAVE money."
Acquire has become the home for thousands of individuals looking for a way to achieve their financial goals. The role of a Marketing Representative with Acquire can be easy and fun! Our products are in such HIGH demand it just makes sense to promote, refer and sell them. As a company we want to support and help our reps accomplish THEIR goals. We know that every rep has a different reason for joining our family. Some reps join because of their passion and belief in our products / benefits. Other reps join to work Acquire part-time as a source of extra income and many of our reps are working to build a long term business. Whatever your goals, big or small, we have a unique financial vehicle to help you achieve them all! With hard work, focus and determination you can achieve great things!

"IF you’re going to sell something, sell something people are ALREADY looking for."
Acquire’s industry recognized and HIGHLY rewarding compensation plan is based on a few main components. A 3 Level generational Fast Start Bonus, 3*9 Forced Matrix with "Even Fill", a staggering 6 Level generational Matching Bonus, 3 Leadership Pools and full dynamic compression. This compensation plan is ALL fueled by our wonderful products, benefits and field leadership.

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