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VidEngage is the world's first personal video destination! We are more than just video mail, video blogs and a video social network! We have Video Dating! And get that DREAM JOB with your own Video Resume! Connect with your friends with Video Conferencing! It's all here, in the net's first personal video destination!
About Us

VidEngage.com is a global online community designed to make connecting with your friends and business associates more active and stimulating. The VidEngage.com social network can help you maintain your existing relationships with pictures, messages and video, while it can help to establish new ones by reaching out to people you've never met before in ***** new ways.

VidEngage.com makes it easier to find people who share your hobbies and interests, look for romantic connections or establish new business contacts, including new jobs. Using video to communicate enhances social networking and provides a quantum leap over text and picture based sites. But even so, you can use some of the tried-and-true fucuntions of the best social networks within VidEngage to create and join a wide variety of online communities to discuss current events, reconnect with old school mates or even exchange your favorite recipes. Who you choose to interact with is entirely up to you, but before getting to know a VidEngage.com member, you can read their profile and even see how they're connected to you through the friends network and best of all, see a video introduction. (...coming soon.) With the VidEngage.com video enabled platform, presenting yourself to prospective friends or employers is an easy process that pays major benefits. The addition of video to all aspects of the social networking equation will make VidEngage.com a cutting edge alternative to all those ho-hum knock offs in the social networking scene.

It is our mission to help you create a closer, more intimate network of friends. We hope to put you on the path to social bliss soon.

VidEngage LLC is headquartered in Connecticut and is backed by private investors. For additional information, feel free to CONTACT US.

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