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    Default list-wiz -

    I am not the admin of the program.

    List-Wiz will grow your contact list so fast
    that you'll think a wizard was behind the scenes!
    All you do is PLAY our "Sweets" game, win points and YOU win your email contacts. You can trade your points as you win them or trade them in a bundle - you will get your contact immediately upon trading. No waiting, no CHASING people. They are already here! Plus, you can use our advanced mailer to contact them everyday. (Yes, Everyday!)

    You also get 100 spins for FREE when you join right now.
    Join free before we change our minds about this!

    What is the "Sweets" game?

    It is easy. Instead of winning money, you win a contact list and use of our mailer. You can advertise any program, blog or website that you like.

    Our "Sweets" game works like this... you click "spin" like the real life demo below. Depending on which cookie, candy or cake that you land on - you win points for it. You can also win extra spins too! When you accumulate enough, you can trade them in for another person to be added to your contact list. This contact list consists of members and members are randomly assigned to you as we do not want member #1 to be the one always picked by every person who trades points. So, some members who have never been picked would never see an ad, some would see them.
    Try it out here or join now for your free spins!

    My name is: Helmut Hansen and I am your sponsor!
    We have 538 members since 11-1-08 & 181 members have played so far today!
    Members say....

    Member mega10 said... "Hey!! This is fun!! A great place to be!!"

    Member mrrb said... "This really rocks maybe overtake twitter and it is huge fun...Way to go Maryanne httpp://"

    Member johnjeffrey said... " Hi Im John and I love this new site great for building your lists "

    Member kmefford said... "Lots of fun and points are much better than calories! Karen Mefford Karen Mefford "

    Member renderud said... "This was fun in a few minutes as a pro I gained 5 contacts. That will be 150 in a month without recruiting. Great list in no time."

    Member emaster said... "Maryanne Has done it again, Coming up with a novel but lucrative way of building your list. I urge you to join up asap this is one not to be missed. Gary Ockwell Friend & Mentor [email protected]"

    Member markmclain said... "Its FUN, its a LIST BUILDER, and its a MONEY Maker! Pure Genius! "

    Member healthsmart said... "Hey this place generates fun.Sock it to them. Make that list huge! Healthsmart"

    Member fouchemf said... "This is great fun and a super way to build a list"

    Member belladama said... "Hi! Im Cris, very cute!!"

    Member jimmiel said... "This is so easy and fun my kid can do it"

    For more information, visit
    List-Wiz - the fun and easy list builder

    Added for discussion


    Please do your DD before investing in any program.

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    seems interesting and will give it a ry to get to know the details..
    thanks for sharing

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