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Would you agree that the companies behind those sites have made billions of dollars? Did you know that every time you go to one of their websites, they get PAID?

Here's the most important question. How often do they send YOU a check for helping them make obscene amounts of money?

Imagine what might happen IF...

... You were allowed to share in the estimated $100 billion dollar worldwide classified ad market... money now enjoyed by websites like Craig's List.
... Google would let you share in their approximately $19 billion in annual ad revenue.

... Amazon would allow you to share in their $10.7 billion revenue (2006)

I have some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news. None of those companies are EVER going to pay you for lining their billion-dollar pockets. And, why should they? Millions of people are helping them get paid without it. They are riding one of the biggest gravy trains in the history of the world!

And, here's the GOOD News! It is now possible for you to get in on the ground floor of something that is going to give those guys a run for their money... and, you CAN get paid and paid VERY well!

We are launching the most potentially profitable service in internet history. It is called GoGoHub. This is a truly remarkable search engine with capabilities unmatched by any other. It represents a stunning technological and marketing breakthrough that could be worth millions to YOU.

To see the humble beginnings of the GoGoHub concept and get a clearer idea of the income earning potential and capabilities of the platform.Click here to see a "first generation" demo.

give you millions of results for your search. Most of them are useless if you are trying to buy, let's say, a Ford Mustang. Type "mustang" in the search box of Google and you'll get pages on sites related to cars, horses, history, motorcycles, life jackets, and magazines. And, that's just the results on the first page! Ther are 39 MILLION results like that when you search for "mustang"!

Dig through the listings and, if you find the specific ads for cars, they might be located thousands of miles from where you live and it's not usually practical or smart to purchase a car or lots of other things without actually seeing them.

How is GoGoHub Different?
GoGoHub allows you to see the Exact search results you are seeking and goes one important step farther. It also, in real time, shows you every Ford Mustang advertised online on thousands of classified ad sites, auction sites and business listings. Then it filters them to your local area! We call this Geo-Targeting.

It gives your Geo-Targeted search results from websites all over the Internet so you don't have to waste precious time you could be spending with your family or attending to other valuable matters in your life.
Just as importantly, it blasts your free classified ads selling your product or service to thousands of websites to put it in front of millions of people.

Whether you are buying or selling, you have the advantage with GoGoHub

How else is it different?
Here's how... This time you are included!

GoGoHub has made the decision to allow our affiliates and their contacts to be the lead beneficiaries of the tremendous earnings (billions of dollars in ad revenues) we expect in the coming years.
Participation is being offered on three levels, Free User, Prime Marketer, and Professional Marketer. All three offer financial benefits. The only real question is...

"How much in financial benefits do you want?"

and earn a Pop, a "piece of the pie, " just for registering. When you share GoGoHub with others you can earn additional Pops. All you have to do is register and run a current free classified ad which will be distributed to websites all over the internet.

Over time as paid advertising on GoGoHub grows, these Pops become more and more valuable. You can profit share in up to 10% of GoGoHub's net ad revenue just for being an active free or paid user and sharing the website with others.

Prime and Professional Marketers share in a much larger profit pool, up to 40% of GoGoHub's net ad revenue. Once the Fall Challenge ends, affiliates will have to meet much higher sponsoring qualifications to be eligible for that level of revenue sharing.

When you purchase a Professional Level Package NOW, during the Fall Challenge, you automatically receive one permanent Pop in all six Pop Pool Levels. This qualifies you to share in 40% of net ad revenue on a permanent basis as long as your monthly fee is current and active.

When you purchase a Prime Level Package NOW, during the Fall Challenge, you automatically receive one permanent Pop in Pop Pool Levels 1 & 2. This qualifies you to share in 15% of net ad revenue on a permanent basis as long as your monthly is current and active.

And there’s more good news…

When you sponsor someone who purchases a Pro or Prime Package, you receive a matching permanent Pop as well. You can earn an unlimited number of matching permanent Pops during the Fall Challenge.
Think for a moment what that might mean in dollars. Think about what users would receive by sharing 40% of $1 million or $100 million or even $1 billion!

In addition, Prime and Pro Marketers can earn up to $10,000 per week and more by inviting others who want and need to increase their own income.

New people are joining every day and enter the GoGoHub compensation plan in Date / Time stamped order. This means that those who join first go into the structure first and financially benefit when others join after them. In other words, if you act quickly, those who join after you contribute to your income potential. If you wait, you will contribute to theirs.

For more information, visit
GoGoHub - About Us

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