The new Swiss crypto-currency has arrived. Giracoin is a digital currency based on the principles of cryptographymaking it a secure and decentralized payment system. With Giracoin you are independent of central banks. Not even a banking crisis can affect a cryptocurrency.
The world of finance is in turmoil at the moment: the UK is leaving the EU, financial markets are suffering massive currency losses. At times like these, crypto-currencies become a viable alternative.

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Giracoin was developed in Switzerland and offers everyone the opportunity to join in its creation from the very beginning even with- out deep knowledge of computers. All legal parameters are of course being followed. Our own company Compliance Department guarantees it.

You've probably heard of Bitcoin. So far, its enormous rise in value has been unique. But, without the necessary computer acumen, it wasn't possible to get in at the start. That's where Giracoin comes in. It provides partners with its own wholly-owned mining platform.

Anyone is able purchase a package of tokens that are then used in so- called mining, from which come coins. The complicated algorithms are calculated for you via tokens. All transactions are secured by digital signatures using the public/private key method. Authorization is carried out in this manner. Additionally, all bookings in the so called transaction chain are transparent. However, the transaction results are encod- ed in block chains using cryptographic methods ruling out double payments or fraud.

Giracoin works with a combination of the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake procedures, in which Proof-of-Work is our mining farm. The Proof-of-Stake procedure offers our members the opportunity to play a direct role in mining.

Giracoin offers four bonus types, and these can be combined, too! 60percent of your in- come from these programs will be credited to your Cash Wallet - a virtual online wallet. The other 40 percent will be in your Invest Wallet. The sum in your Cash Wallet can be transfer- red to a bank account of your choice at any time or to another Giracoin account. The In- vest Wallet allows you to purchase additio- nal packages of tokens, making it possible for anyone to collect tokens without investing funds: you simply pay with the earnings from the bonus program. This is calculated based on the so-called Trading Amount Volumes which varies from package to package. Tra- ding Amount Volumes are equal to 80 percent of the package price.

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