A new type of coin – Habcoin

1. HAB & JPR company on the world market for 22 years and in 55 countries which decided to finance the project by investing HabCoin suffered 50 million euros. A project that co-owned machines quotas undermine A NEW TYPE OF MONEY.

2. Each user can register for free : (Free Membership) It is then free to purchase the shares or / and license to undermine with your PC / smartphone it deems appropriate.
3. E ‘can participate with shares on mining, buying jointly specific computers for this purpose and / or use their PC with a specific license. The Blockchain Habcoin is publicly visible online
Mining Time block: +/- 60 sec. Number HabCoin generated per block: 1000. The maximum amount of minable HabCoin: 52 billion and 560 million. Number blocks generated from May 5 to today: 94,144. Total Habcoin generated per day: 1,440,000. Value of a HabCoin today, after just over 3 months after the launch: 50,57 EUR is visible online at this address: http://www.habcoin.org
The digital currency HABCOIN is officially recognized as INERNATIONAL PAYMENT METHOD. The ROTHSCHILD group has concluded an agreement with the INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY AGENTS (Central Bank London), under the supervision of a trustee.
Opportunity to register for free and decide with the help of a consultant whether to participate actively in mining and the possible gains (with or without network)
-Top Worldwide Leaders are onboard already ready to capitalise on this
huge market

– Its free to join, wow, this makes this a no brainer.
– No sponsoring required