LinkedIn can be a great social media site for generating Network Marketing leads – but how do you start, what do you do, and how is it different?
LinkedIn currently boasts over 100 million active users across 200 countries, and is certainly a great resource for building new relationships and generating leads.
But even still; it seems a lot of people in the Network Marketing industry don’t know what they should be doing with it exactly?

3 things to keep in Mind while LinkedIn Marketing.

  1. Setting up your Profile- Upload a high quality photo, best if it is in some professional attire. Fill out all the details, school/college/work, everything. Almost like resume. Because people will be looking at you profile, and these people are professionals . Sell in the Summary- write your summary. Show your achievements. Share your story. You can also share your results in your MLM/HomeBiz and generate a lead from the summary itself, by putting your capture page.
  2. Numbers- So, there are a lot of people on Linkedin. As the failure rate is SO high in this industry, you have an opportunity to solve problems for people, build relationships and generate leads/recruit. Not everybody would be interested in your opportunity. Your job make the most of networking. It’s a way of letting people know that you’re out there
  3. Groups are a great way to market. Share useful content in groups. Talk to members, engage- like/comment on other people’s posts, ask questions. Let people know that you're out there, through the power of content, you have the opportunity to let see you as their “go-to” guy, as a leader. LinkedIn groups give you this opportunity. More you contribute to the groups, more profile visits you get. More people get to KNOW YOU…and its good for your business. J Worried about content marketing? No problem…go to the next slide…

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