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    New matrix system Dengi v Podarok
    I'm not admin.

    Payment Processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi.
    A fully automated system.
    One-time $ 15 fee is automatically distributed to 10 levels.

    Bring to your attention a unique system of money as a gift !

    Money as a gift - cash gifting system, designed for those who seek in the near future to significantly improve their financial situation!

    Feature of money as a gift is that your earnings will depend not only on your active actions, but also on the active work of your sponsors and partners!

    Next we will explain in what way works system Money as a gift.

    The system consists of ten levels. To become a party system must register and make a cash gift in the amount of $ 15 to activate your account. This amount is broken down as follows:

    Member level 1 receives a payment in the amount of $ 2;

    Members 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 levels obtained for $ 1;

    Member level 10 receives $ 2.

    Additional sponsorship is $ 1 bonus inviter and the remaining $ 1 payment for your service in the system, hosting, advertising and other expenses.

    At each level may be a limited number of activated ( paid ) members.

    On one level, the number of partners 2

    Level 2 - 4 partner,

    Level 3 -8 partners,

    At level 4 - 16 partners,

    Levels 5 - 32 partner,

    Level 6 - 64 partner,

    Level 7 - 128 partners,

    Level 8 - 256 partners,

    At level 9 - 512 partners,

    And at level 10 - 1024 partner.

    As a result, we arrive at the following figures: net amount of money gift at $ 15, the amount of financial assistance will be $ 3057. And that's not counting the additional bonus of $ 1 per each guest personally.

    Also, the system money as a gift, there is the possibility of overflow. What does this mean?

    This means that if the first level you already have 2 paid partner, then each subsequent one becomes a guest at the 2nd level of your partners under one level until the second level will be filled with paid partners. And also, respectively, and for other levels as you fill your frame.

    System Money as a Gift interested in that each participant received financial support. At very little cost, we give you the opportunity to increase your score on a very decent amount.

    We told you the principle of the system resulted in payment possible amount of cash gifting. We have nothing to hide. Decision to accept you. And if you have already decided everything for yourself - then go for it! Do not delay! Participation in the system by activating the money as a gift today, you are making the first steps on the way to their material well-being and independence, to obtain funds for the realization of all their desires and plans! Activate your place in the system, become a party to it and get financial support!


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    Payout instant
    The amount of 2 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U6324551->U208****. Memo: API Payment. Dengi v Podarok. Date: 18:26 31.03.14. Batch: 52932051.

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