I am not the administrator/owner the project
New project. Start 27.12.2012 at 20:00 (Moscow time)
To the referrals RCB 70% (to write to personal messages)

About the project :
1billionaire.biz is an investment project in which the profit is formed of company deposits in stock markets. Can participate any wishing reached 18 years. The essence of the program is simple and is that you today helped, and tomorrow will help you. That is, having enclosed now $10 in 24 hours you receive $15, т.е 150% from your contribution per day. Everything is very simple and available even to the beginner.

Plans :
of 150% of $1 - $300 in 24 hours
200% of $1 - $300 for the 48th hour
300% of $1 - $300 in 72 hours

Accepts : Perfect Money
Minimum deposit : $1
Protection against DDoS against Genius Guard
Support 24/7
Fair administrator
Skype : billionaire.biz
Ref.Programma : 10%

Competition of referrals before start.
Who will invite there will be a bonus on a purse most:
for 1 place of $150
for the 2nd place of $100
for the 3rd place of $50