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E-Business Network International (EBN) is a Company committed to bringing out the Millionaire in you while giving you the education, lifestyle and financial freedom that you deserve.

EBN is proud to announce the First ever, highly automated Auto-grow 3 x4 Forced Matrix compensation plan on a global network.

This business offers a product online interactive learning, education management and education internet business financiera.Las headquarters are in Dubal, Dubai Internet City. Will open offices in India, China, USA, Nigueria, Russia, Australia, and South Africa and now has representatives in 120 countries.

How it works:

1.First, everybody joining our program pays a one time out of pocket $100 membership fee. You will never be asked to make any additional payment into our program unless you decide to purchase our Advanced e-learning products. The membership into EBN avails all our members with EBNís interactive e-learning products in computer and internet education and several other digital product(see product section for more on this)

2. To participate in the $100,000 income, members need to introduce as many people as possible to join their network but a minimum of 3 people is expected of everybody.

3. There are 4 levels of automatic upgrades in the system that pays you out a total of $100,000. Each Level attracts a certain upgrade fee which is paid automatically as you complete your current level in the matrix.

It is expected that you would have a total of 9 people in your level 2 based on Table below. So, also the 9 people in your level 2 will also be debited the sum of $40 for their level2 upgrades as soon as they have their own first 2 downlines in their network. So, basically with 9 people each paying you the sum of $40 will earn you a total of $360 at level2. Out of this, $200 is debited automatically to upgrade you to Level3. This money will be sent to your level 3 sponsor in the network. Then a profit of $160 is for you to withdraw into your bank account, e-currencies account, Visa debit cards or you can use this money to purchase e-Vouchers.

In the same way, 27 people in your level 3 will be debited $200 for their level3 upgrade and this money will be paid automatically into your e-wallet account. On 27 people paying you $200 each, will earn you a total of $5,400. Out of this $1,200 will be debited to upgrade you to level 4 position. Level 4 is the final level for everybody in the network. This $1,200 will be paid to your level 4 upline. So, a balance of $4,200 is your profit/balance for level 3 which you can also withdraw at any time into your bank.

Finally, 81 people in your level 4 downline are all going to automatically pay you the sum of $1,200 each. This will earn you a total of $97,200. At this point, you are not making any more upgrades. So, you keep the total sum of $97,200