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Welcome to "Your Business Club" Project!

Dear Visitor! Just fancy! Would you like to start your own totally independent business bringing high incomes? If yes - that's the very place you have to be.

Today, most people are don't have this possibility, as for that you should have a big amount of seed money and plenty of free time. Not everyone has these things.

Considering this an idea of starting such a project occurred to us, the one which would make it possible for anyone, without exclusions, to become a businessman without great investments, and earn not even hundreds but thousands of dollars, or even more.

However, let us walk the talk. For you not to face any understanding problems, we tried to tell the gist of the idea absolutely clearly.
Step One

You register in our project filling in the login form given at the end of the page.
Step Two

You have to initially activate your account. Activation price 10$. Note the way this money will be distributed:

4$ will be transferred to the person inviting you to join the project. Let's call him manager 1.
2$ will be transferred to the person inviting him. He will be manager 2.
1$ will be given to the member inviting manager 2. (manager 3)
1$ will be given to the member inviting manager 3. (manager 4)
Finally, 1$ will be given to manager 5, inviting manager 4
1$ - will go to the system itself as a service fee.

To get a clear notion of what we are telling you see Picture 1 (on the right).

Further on, you will have to activate your account every thirty days after the previous activation (for that purpose you will only have to recharge your account, and the system will activate it automatically when the time comes).

That's how your managers earn their income. How will you earn yours?
Step Three

That's a child's play. Become manager yourself. Just find a referral link in your member area and share it with other people, or use social network buttons. Winning over other users for the system you are automatically assigned their manager and get a part of their activation fees, their fees of their referrals, etc. up to level 5. (Certainly, if you own account is activated; otherwise, you will not be able to get money from the existing structure and attract new members). So we get something like a money pyramid scheme:

4$ - from your club members (level 1 referrals)
2$ from members of your referral business clubs (level 2 members)
1$ - from level 3 members
1$ - from level 4 members
Finally, 1$ - from level 5 members.

For details see Picture 2.


You have invited 5 members to your club, each of them 5 users to his,etc. Your income:

Level 0 (you) = -10$ - your activation.
Level 1 : 5 * 4 $ = +20$
Level 2 : (5 * 5) * 2 $ = +50$
Level 3 : (5 * 5 * 5) * 1$ = +125$
Level 4 : (5 * 5 * 5 * 5) * 1 $ = +625$
Level 5 : (5 * 5 * 5 * 5 * 5) * 1 $ = +3125$

Income: 3 935$ every 30 days, or 47 220$ a year.

Not bad, isn't it? Even more so, if you consider that that job is just to invite 5 people, and then everything moves by itself. And if you win over not 5, but 10 members you income will be as much as 111 230$ per month, or 1 334 760$ per year, etc.

Thus, your income will grow exponentially in course of time, and you will enjoy financial independence.

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