Brand new program similar to those of the other great money makers. Official launch is on APRIL 22nd, 2011. Prelaunch signups now! This one is called EXPLOSIVE-CASH. This is the program everyone has been waiting for! Simple, easy, and direct! A one time low fee. Here are some details:

Explosive Cash could be your one way ticket to financial freedom!
* Only a small $8 investment to start
* Forced Downline
* Spillover
* Spillunder
* Fast Downline fill up
* Bonus/Extras as downlines fill up
* Never be slowed by people who do not get referrals

Turn your $8 into an explosive $30,534.

But thats not the end of it!
Upon reaching higher levels, you can enjoy even more EXPLOSIONS of cash!

Enter these "explosive levels" and you can earn an additional $28,100 and even more!
Join us for the easiest way to grow your income into an explosion of cash and wealth!

Combine all these levels together and you could walk away with a potential $58,634 in your pocket!!
Now I will let you know, I am the webmaster for Explosive-Cash and designed the website as that is what I do (create websites-freelance) So if there are any problems, please let me know too or contact me through the site. The admin is very prompt, very friendly, and will accomodate you if you have a problem as they want this program to succeed for everyone. You can even contact me if you have any problems and I will contact them myself.

If you join now and donate $1.00 - You DO NOT have to do this but it helps me :) (the dollar goes to me for the work I put in) you will receive newsletters, special money offers, speial member benefits, promotions, and much more! You will also get random explosions for more money, extra cash giveaways, and multiple free spots to double your earnings potential!! All for donating $1.00! (Details after you join)

A quick rundown:
Your downline is built using a 3x5 Forced Format
Level 1: 3 Members pay you $8 each = $24
Level 2: 9 Members pay you $15 each = $135
Level 3: 27 Members pay you $45 each =$1215
Level 4: 81 Members pay you $75 each = $6075
Level 5: 243 Members pay you $95 each = $23085

Your total receipts = $ 30,534

Then as you enter the explosive levels you can generate another $22,800!

For a total of $58,534 in your pocket!!!

How nice would that be?
For more details, please go to the site and sign up now!! The actual launch date is April 22nd, 2011!! Just a little over a week away!

Be the first to sign up and enjoy all the benefits!! Please allow 24hours or less for your login to work and for access to your personal page after signup.

Remember, this program is here to make YOU money! Not for anything else.

I wish everyone good luck and success! Again, let me know of any problems you might have also! Thanks!