Brand New! Cashlines! The Simplest and Fastest Paying Program on the Internet!


Use the main website at:
and fill my name ‘waynes’ as the referrer

CashLines is a simple, fun, program. The plan is quite different to
most of the plans out there because there are no 'teams'
and you benefit from everyone who joins after you,
anywhere in the world. $70 + $5 Alertpay fee is a onetime only fee.

No Sponsoring Necessary To Earn Money!

We can pay daily or even more frequently right into your Alertpay account. This could mean $300 paid more than once per day to your Alertpay account.

In the back office you can see your position in the CashLines.
You can see your downlines to 10 levels.
You can download E-books on ‘How to’ products free as well as Video’s and there are live training webinars also free.
Visit my website at:
and fill my name ‘waynes’ as the referrer

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How Does the Points System work?

Points help you move faster through the CashLines. When you refer a new member who purchases the $70 product package, you are awarded 100 points. When your referral follows you into CashLine2, you earn a further 300 points. The more points you have the faster you reach the top of CashLine2 and get paid! However, there it is not a requirement to make sales in order to move through the CashLines. Once you have been a member for 7 days, you will be awarded one point a day from thereon!

2. How long does it take to move through the CashLines?

There are members who move through in the space of a few hours. Other members will take quite a bit longer. It's not possible to give exact time frames. However, the great thing is that you can control it if you wish by making use of the points system! And if you prefer to just wait and gather your daily points, that's fine!

3. What is CashLines3?

CashLine3 has now been added and this allows you to earn payments of $600 a time. When you move through the top of CashLine2, you will have the option to enter CashLine3. Don't forget also, that when you move out of CashLine2, you are automatically re-entered back into CashLine2. The same will apply to CashLine3!

4.Any other cashLines to be added?

Yes, CasLlines4 is about to be added, this means that every time you cycle in cashLine4you will earn $1200 and be re-entered automatically

5. How much money can I earn with CashLines?

The sky's the limit. You could earn a very serious income if you choose to put in the effort. Especially when CashLine4 opens. There is nothing to stop you from being paid every single day!

Use the main website at:
and fill my name ‘waynes’ as the referrer