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For decades it has been shown that the average marketer can bring approximately three people into a viable opportunity – TrilogyX5 is five levels of three who each sponsor three.
Spillover is inevitable due to many distributors who sponsor ten, twenty, fifty, even one hundred and beyond.

Three generations of 33% matching bonuses, resulting in far greater income than matrix commissions.

Start-up cost is one-time $50.00 which qualifies upfront for commissions on the entire 3x5.
Automatic upgrades to another matrix of the same level and to the next higher level matrix, following the sponsor.

May opt to participate on any higher matrix prior to the automatic process.
All commissions calculated instantly as each position in the matrix is filled, with payouts daily.

In addition to three generation matching bonuses, the brilliant compensation plan pays out a total of $1,452 on the first matrix, $8,712 on the second, $52,272 on the third, and $313,632 on the fourth, over and over again.

TrilogyX5 is the most viable and profitable compensation structure available.

Recent experience has shown that other configurations, i.e. 4x4, require an unrealistic number of participants to earn the incomes projected in promotional material. In contrast, TrilogyX5 requires just a total group of 363 advancing to each of the three higher matrices in order to earn all projected incomes.

Three on the front line is more attainable by network marketing participants than 4 and leads to greater potential of spillover.
Solid corporate infrastructure and management.
State-of-the-art technologically advanced software.

How fast do you wish to earn six figures income?

How quickly can you get into motion and invite your three…or 6? Paydays are right around the corner and they come every day!
90 days ablaze to establish major residual income prior to 2012!
With a dynamite compensation plan, professional and completely functional website, sizzle call, exciting conference calls seven nights a week…it’s time to move forward now as TrilogyX5 becomes the opportunity of the decade for entrepreneurs worldwide.

In his New York Times best-selling book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell sums up unusual success in these terms, “It is the American Dream that anyone with enough ambition and talent can succeed, but ambition and talent alone are not what made the Bill Gates of the world. Outliers [persons who succeed outside the norm] are those who have been given opportunities – and had the strength and presence of mind to seize them”.

It could be that you will become an “Outlier” in seizing your opportunity now with TrilogyX5 in the last third of 2011!
Compensation Plan

50 Matrix
4.00 per each of 363 distributors
1.32 per member matching bonus 3 generations up.
1,452 Total Payout excluding match.
TrilogyX5 Presencia Power $50 Matrix

300 Matrix

24.00 per each of 363 distributors
7.92 per member matching bonus 3 generations up.
8,712 Total Payout excluding match.
TrilogyX5 Victoria Victory $300 Matrix

1800 Matrix

144.00 per each of 363 distributors
47.52 per member matching bonus 3 generations up.
52,272 Total Payout excluding match.
TrilogyX5 Sempiterna Eternal $1,800 Matrix

10,800 Matrix

864.00 per each of 363 distributors
285.12 per member matching bonus 3 generations up.
313,632 Total Payout excluding match.
TrilogyX5 Licentia Freedom $10,800 Matrix

3 Generation Matching Bonus
My Payout

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