Earn cash by shortening your urls for Twitter™, Facebook™, Myspace™, Youtube™ & more! Own a blog or forum? Place our code into your website and monetize your web site today!

Do you want to earn some extra money and have it sent directly to your Paypal account every 7 days? There are several ways to do this with Ity.im, but one way you can do this, is by simply shortening your urls and using them on social networking websites.

Here is how you can earn cash with Ity.im without having a website:
# Post shortened url's on social networking sites, blogs or forums
# Refer your friends to Ity.im and earn $0.20 PLUS 2% of whatever your referral earns!
# Win the weekly referral contest, and get additional cash prizes!
# Win the weekly/monthly cash prizes for overall traffic sent!

Have a web site or social related website like a blog or a forum?
# Add our custom code to your website, blog and/or forum and start displaying Ity.im ads today!

How much will I earn?
The amount you will earn will depend upon how much traffic you send and the country of origin the traffic is from. Here is an example: If you send 1,000 visitors from the United States you will earn $1.50. If the user clicks any of the text ads in the frame bar you will earn $.05 per click.
If a visitor clicks the Ity.im link and signs up, that user will become your referral and you will earn 2% of their overall earnings!

When will I be paid?
Currently Ity.im is paying by Paypal. Every 7 days the system will automatically pay all members with balances over $3.00 that have "AutoPay" enabled on their account OR have no campaigns added.