Ricochet Riches is a Marketing Network that includes multiple programs that provide several advertising venues to help people promote their primary business. We also offer commissions for those that promote RR and bring in new members, as well as returning part of our profits to our members that purchase Advertising Units. We are not and never will be any kind of investment program.

When you purchase a Ricochet Riches Ad Unit, you receive a return of 2%+ DAILY income until you have accumulated a total of 150% return of your purchase price.

Although only members that purchase ad units will receive daily, passive income, everyone may refer new members to Ricochet Riches and earn 2 levels of commissions every time their referrals purchase ad units.

•Earn 10% of ALL of your Direct Referrals Ad Unit Purchases.
•Earn 5% of ALL of your 2nd Level Referral Ad Unit Purchases

Ricochet Riches Ad Units costs $10.00 each

No referring is required to earn passive income in the ricochet Riches program. When you purchase Ad Units from Ricochet Riches, you automatically earn 2%+ daily income.

I am in multiple 2% a day programs including JSS Tripler, Centurion Wealth Circle, and Wealth Share Club and Ricochet Riches is by far the easiest to navigate and understand! I like the others but Ricochet Riches is designed for the long haul and the Admin always get back to you ASAP which means alot!