Key Elements Revealed in the Global VIP Launch

1. The Global Vip Launch opens in 20 plus countries.

2. Global VIP Launch is more than just a digital exchange or a simple product download. The global vip launch product is tangible, sustainable and recession proof. You probably already have this product in your monthly budget as an item you can't live without! Yes, it's that powerful.

3. The global vip launch is a revolutionary compensation model in which you can start earning without sponsoring. Team builders are rewarded with an easy to understand, lucrative pay plan.

4. The Global Vip Launch income is paid out in over 20 currencies.

5. The Global Vip Launch offers free enrollment and a free 60 day pre-build period. There's no risk to get started. We launch in March of 2011.

The Global Vip Launch business model has all the elements required for a sustainable business model that will have long term residual income benefits.

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Successfully yours,
VIP Life