Welcome To Q Save...

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* Incredible savings club
* True wholesale on MLM products, just $9.95 .s shipping)
* Full training and marketing system
* 50 form filled leads per month
* Complete contact management system
* Unlimited autoresponder system
* Unique capture pages that work
* 13 webinars per day, 7 days a week
* Full 88% payout, twice the average
* Much Much more!!

All this for just $69.95!
(One time cost for customers, monthly for reps).


***My Personal Opinion about this Company!!!***
Is Qsave a Scam?
QSave from Nutronix, Potential Scam on its way!

Just came across a new program named QSave and when checking the details a I realized it was powered by Nutronix Revolution.

I am going straight ahead and say that the chances of this company becoming a Scam is around 97.86%, which means this will certainly be a new Scam on the internet.

Nutronix is a MLM company that has been in business for the last 10 years, the company is stable but every few years they come up with some sort of new super program

that is supposed to help every member make unlimited amount of money in no time but guess what, that is not the case since I joined Nutronix back in 2007 they were launching

their latest Scam called The Berry Tree, there was an incredible amount of hype around the internet and the program went live and launched just to close after a year and a half,

the funny part is the fact that many people were warning Berry Tree members about Nutronix and their agenda, what happens is that before The Berry Tree they had another

similar program called Liberty that was supposed to provide lots of income without any effort on the distributors. Now few years after The Berry Tree, Nutronix comes back and

comes up with another Scam called QSave.

The chances are very high that QSave is going to be another plain Scam after distributors start to make some money they will change the compensation plan and keep it all for themselves

and then just shut it down.

So be aware and do not join this or any company, opportunity, program or anything that has to do with Nutronix.

Kind Regards
Dirson E. Jimenez Santana (strosdegoz)