If you want to develop an effectual and professionally designed brochure you have to flow the steps given below:
•A clear-cut idea about the objective of the brochure: This should be your first priority as it helps then designer to decide on various other important factors like the amount of information to be added, the tone of the copy, etc. It also helps to decide the budget.
•You should have a thorough plan about the way you are planning to use the brochure. This will help you to do a detailed preparation for finalizing the format of a brochure as well as the number of copies to be made.
•A catchy headline is very important for a brochure. Hence develop an attractive headline for your brochure.
•Prepare the cover design first. Once the cover is finalized you can start designing the inner pages. Designing the complete brochure and later reviewing it will make it difficult to make the alterations needed. Hence try to do it step by step.
•The inner pages should support the cover.
•You can start the final review after the completion of the inner pages.
Brochure development is not a smooth process. A proper concept is highly important in the process of brochure designing. For this you will have to spend a lot of time and effort.
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