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    Default What the Mainstream News Media Is Not Telling You!

    Good Morning -- BroJon Readers !! Here's the latest edition of
    > Monday July 24, 2006
    > “We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
    > everything the American public believes is false.”
    > -- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    > ~~~~~What the Mainstream News Media Is Not Telling You~~~~~
    > To point out the main difference between the truth and what the mainstream
    media is telling you, is that simply, they are not telling you the difference
    between a rocket and a missile. Right now, in the middle east, the terrorist
    groups called Hezebollah and Hamas are using rockets to attack sites in Israel,
    and have been for about 22 days. But both groups also have missiles, and so far
    have only used their rockets. When those groups and other terrorist groups
    begin to use their missiles – then you know that all out total World War III has
    just begun. And when will that be? Let's take a look at the evidence.
    > First, lets define rocket and missile. Beginning two weeks ago, here in the
    Digest, I wrote the two-part series “THE NORTH KOREAN MISSILES – July 4th 2006.”
    This was an historical look at the development of rockets and missiles during
    the Cold War. The main focus of the story was “Why did North Korea fire off 11
    rockets and missiles on the Fourth of July?” Not yet told in the upcoming Part
    Three of the series is that Iran had numerous officials observing the firings of
    the North Korean rockets and missiles on that day. Why was Iran “shopping” for
    rockets and missiles on the Forth of July 2006?
    > Most people, especially in the news media, do not know or distinguish between
    a rocket and a missile. A rocket is aimed by pointing it at the target and then
    firing the rocket. A missile is fired pointing straight up and internal
    computer guidance aims it to land on the target. This simple definition is
    somewhat obscured by newer hi-tech missiles such as cruise missiles which are
    rockets fired at an angle in the direction of the target but also has internal
    computer guidance which pinpoints the target. But so far, terrorist groups
    don't have that type of sophisticated technology. Terrorists are limited to the
    older but still lethal rockets or missiles.
    > The basic rocket is based on ancient Chinese designs, and are made from, not
    an explosive, but a very rapid burning rocket fuel, and a tube which holds the
    fuel. A Fourth of July fireworks rocket also has a section at the top which is
    a container of explosive material mixed with rice. When the rocket is fired,
    the fuel burns to the top and lights the fuse on the explosive charge. When the
    charge is ignited, the rice is blasted in all directions. The rice, which had
    been previously soaked in various chemicals, burns with many colors, depending
    on the chemical. Those fireworks with the sparkling reds, greens, blues and
    whites are simply pieces of chemically colored rice. They make us ooh and aah
    at fireworks displays.
    > But replace those pieces of rice with broken glass, nuts and bolts, scrap
    metal or ball-bearings and the simple rocket becomes a deadly killer. Instead
    of firing the rocket into the air, it is fired at a target. To fire the rocket
    at a target, it is laid in a simple cradle, and the rocket is fired. The cradle
    can be fixed on the ground or mounted on a truck. To aim the rocket, the front
    of the cradle is lifted up so many degrees with a screw adjustment. And the
    direction of the rocket is aimed by turning the cradle with a compass setting,
    or simply visually sighting at the target.
    > Most of these simple rockets have fins on the tail which help to keep them
    going in the right direction. These are like feathers on the back of an arrow.
    But that is one of the basic flaws of the simple rocket. As the rocket is fired
    and leaves the cradle, the speed of the air is not sufficient to affect the
    direction of the rocket. As the rocket is fired it tends to “fishtail” back and
    fourth, and up and down until the rocket has accelerated to several hundred
    miles per hour when the fins finally makes it go straight. But before then it
    fishtails five or ten degrees for the first several seconds.
    > What that means is that a rocket cannot be more accurately aimed than the
    amount of “fishtailing” during launch. This is exactly what is happening with
    the short-range Katyusha rockets which Hezebollah is shooting at the villages in
    the very north of Israel. The rockets can only go about five or six miles and
    with a fishtailing error of ten degrees, the rocket will land randomly within
    about half a mile of the target. The solution to the problem is to fire off
    about 10 rockets simultaneously and hope that at least one of them will hit the
    target such as the villages of Kiryat Smona or Naharia. The other rockets that
    went astray will land about half a mile outside the target area and ignite the
    dry grass of the Kibbutz farm. These crude Katysha rockets are old 1960's
    Soviet rockets which soviets sold to the enemy's of America by the hundreds of
    thousands just before the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Hezebollah
    claims they have 12,000 of these old Katyushas.
    > Considering that Hezebollah has used about 1,000 Katyushas in the last three
    weeks, they could continue to play the local “flame game” until next Christmas.
    And if they run out of these cheap $1,000 dollar rockets they can always buy
    thousands more brand new rockets from North Korea.
    > This makes for very strange warfare. The Hezebollah rocket shooters set up
    their launch cradles and fire the rockets. Israeli observers in overhead F-16's
    spot the smoke trails from the rockets and trace them back to the launch site.
    But before the F-16's can get there, the shooters have picked up their launch
    cradles and hidden in a nearby house. All the F-16 pilot can do is shoot a
    missile at the now empty launch site, with little damage done. This tactic is
    called “shoot and scoot.” With the shooters eluding the overhead jets. The
    only way the Israeli army can deal with the “shoot and scooters” is to actually
    put the Israeli army troops on the ground, in the region about 10 miles from the
    border, and do a house by house search looking for the Katyusha rockets and
    launchers. This has been the news from the middle east for the last 5 days.
    But it is a no-win situation. As soon as the Israeli army clears a region of the
    Katyusha rockets and then the army leaves, the next day a new supply of
    Katyushas appears and the game begins again.
    > The situation with the rockets falling on the port city of Haifa is a bit
    different. It is actually the critical attack of the “war” but that is not
    mentioned by the news media why that is so. The flaming grass fires make better
    TV video or front page photos, so that is what is getting reported. The rocket
    attack on Haifa cannot be done using the small short-range Katyushas. Instead,
    Hezebollah uses a larger but still old-style technology called the FR3 or FR5
    rockets. The name is pronounced “Far 3” and may also be designated as the FAJR3
    or FAJR3. These rockets are larger than the cheap Katyushas. They are about a
    foot in diameter and about 10 feet long, and are hard for one person to aim and
    launch. But because of their larger size they can go farther, about 30 miles.
    Also because of their larger size and mass, the laws of physics say that they
    don't fishtail so much when you launch them.
    > An FR3 or FR5 rocket when launched from a truck launcher will travel about 15
    to 30 miles depending on how high you angle the launcher. And the rocket only
    fishtails about 2 to 3 degrees rather than the small Katyushas fishtail of about
    5 to 10 degrees. But a little math shows that the aiming error of the FR5 of 3
    degrees over 30 miles, is about the same as the Katyushas error of 5 degrees
    over 5 miles. In other words, when Hezebollah rocket shooters aim an FR3 at
    Haifa, the rocket will probably land about half a mile to a mile from the
    target. That means that hitting a target in Haifa is “iffy” at best. Another
    clue shows that the Hezebollah shooters are not trying to hit any target other
    than just somewhere in Haifa.
    > The FR3 or FR5 is actually an older rocket which has been modified by the
    Syrians in a specific way. The Syrians take out the one hundred pound warhead,
    and replace it with a smaller amount of explosive and fill the rest with
    ball-bearings or buckshot. This makes the warhead about the same as a suicide
    bomber's explosive belt. But the suicide bomber's belt is not designed to
    destroy any military targets, but instead, is designed to kill as many people as
    possible with the shrapnel or ball-bearings which spray out in all directions.
    Thus the FR5's are not designed to hit any specific target, but simply designed
    to kill people anywhere within the city of Haifa. Why are the tactics with the
    FR3 so different from the tactic with the Katyusha rockets?
    > To understand the difference in tactics we need to look at who is actually
    fighting in this “war.” If you think the attackers are Lebanese “Hezebollah”
    then you have been fooled by the media. The Hezebollah in Lebanon, and the
    Hamas in Gaza are under the direct control, funded and supplied with weapons by
    the leaders in Iran. Throughout the middle east most of the terrorist groups
    are Arabic Muslims. They are mostly of the Semitic Arabic race and they speak
    Arabic. But Iran is far different. Iran is the ancient empire called Persia.
    The people who live there are not Semitic Arabs, but are Persians, a separate
    and distinct racial group who speak Persian or Farsi.
    > In the last several weeks of the war with Hamas and Hezebollah, the news media
    has not pointed out that the Saudi Arabians are NOT supporting the rocket
    attacks against Israel. Saudi Arabia is actually calling for a cease fire. Why
    is Saudi Arabia “siding” with the Jews in Israel? The reason is simple. The
    Persian “madman” Ahmadinajad in Tehran, wants to reform the old Persian Empire
    into the new Islamic world. The Persian “madman” wants to take over Saudi
    Arabia, Egypt, and all the other middle eastern nations. Thus Saudi Arabia
    fears, Iran or Persia, far more than they feared Saddam Hussein in Iraq. At
    least Saddam and the Iraqi's were Arabic. But the Iranians are Persians who
    historically have attacked and tried to destroy the Arabs under the Persian
    > Even more importantly why is Persia now called Iran? In the 1930's Hitler's
    Fascists recruited armies in the middle east. These groups were called the
    Muslim Brotherhood. These groups still exist today with names like “the Muslim
    Brotherhood” in Egypt, Hamas among the Palestinians and Hezebollah in Lebanon.
    They are all anti-semitic Nazi groups left over from WWII. The Persians in the
    1930's were rabid fascists and followers of Hitler. They were so convinced that
    they were the source of Hitler's Aryan race of supermen, that they changed the
    name of their country to “Aryan.” But “Aryan” in the Persian Farsi language is
    “Iran.” At the end of World War II, in 1945, the Americans, British and Soviets
    cleaned out all the Nazi's remaining in Germany and Europe. But no attempt to
    arrest or round up the remaining Nazi's in the middle east was ever made.
    Instead, they were incorporated within the new CIA as middle eastern agents.
    The most rabid of these anti-Semitic ex-Nazis was the Persians in Iran. The
    head CIA puppet in Iran was the Shah of Iran. This remains true today.
    > The Persians could just send in thousands of suicide bombers into Israel to
    “kill all the Jews” but instead they are using FR3 and FR5 rockets to kill
    people in Haifa. Why is Haifa a target? To find out you need to know two facts
    that are not found in the mainstream press. There is an old story about the
    Cold War when the Soviet leader Stalin walled off the city of Berlin in 1946.
    Why did Stalin do that? Stalin stated, “Berlin is the balls of the West. If I
    want to hear the west scream, I grab Berlin.” And Stalin did that repeatedly as
    part of his diplomatic strategy against the West. What the media is not telling
    you is that Haifa is the “balls” of Israel. Mostly it is Israel which doesn't
    want you to know that fact and thus the news media doesn't report it. But a
    little investigation would prove the fact. There are two targets in Haifa that
    the Hezebollah puppets of the Persian “madman” Ahmadinajad wants destroyed.
    > Iran wants to destroy the oil refinery in Haifa. Haifa is a large port city
    and the third largest city in Israel. The refinery imports oil and converts it
    into gasoline and diesel. Haifa supplies the gas and fuel to run Israel.
    Without that fuel, all cars and buses would soon run out of fuel and the Israeli
    economy would come to a halt. But that refinery also produces jet fuel for ELAL
    airlines. And even more importantly, that refinery supplies the diesel fuel for
    Israeli tanks, and jet fuel for Israeli F-16's. Shut down that refinery and you
    have shut down the Israeli Army (IDF) and the Israeli Air Force. Thus
    Hezebollah has been told to target Haifa, and maybe they might get lucky and hit
    the refinery. They only have to get lucky once, with their hundreds of rockets,
    to accomplish the job.
    > but there is another target in Haifa which the Persians in Iran want even more
    than the refinery. It is called Baha'i. The main temple and worldwide offices
    of Baha'i International is located in Haifa. Why is Iran targeting rockets at
    the Baha'is? The concept of Baha'i actually started in Persia about 150 years
    ago, but they were mostly killed and driven out. Today, the main location of
    Baha'i is the United States. Why was Baha'i driven out of Persia? The Baha'is
    have a “secret weapon” which could quickly bring down the regime in Iran, aka
    Persia. The Baha'i International in Haifa could end the “war on terrorism”
    overnight. Why is Iran so afraid of the Baha'is? Why is it that the U.N,
    diplomats or the US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice and all of the news
    media never tell you about the Baha'i “secrete weapon?” That is coming next in
    this series “The Rockets of Haifa – the Attack on Baha'i.” And won't you be
    > Marshall Smith
    > Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette
    > [email protected]
    > For background information about this article, SEE “Did Joshua Make the Sun
    Standstill” about the sources of the original world religions and how they have
    been turned into tools or corrupt governments. Also see the series “Global
    Warming” about how modern science is being turned into a false religion under
    the control of global or multi-national governments.
    > Click here to find the live links to the full stories in the Gazette -
    > """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """""""""""""""""""""""
    > Here are the stories you won't find yet on Drudge, Fox, WorldNetDaily or
    elsewhere --
    > Topping Today's News in the Brother Jonathan Gazette:
    > BroJon TOP STORY:
    > The number of US refineries in operation has dropped by more than half, from
    more than 300 in the early 1980s to fewer than 150 today
    > -- Despite Record Profits, US Oil Majors Have Built No New Refineries on
    American Soil for 30 Years, Raising the Country's Dependence on Foreign Supplies
    > ==================================
    > HAARP Was Last On 3.39 MHz Wed 6/29/2006
    > 1352 GMT Med Power nitetime testing for 2 hrs
    > -----------------------------------------------
    > HAARP was on for regular June "first of the month" testing in the space weapon
    mode. On 6/03 for half hr, 6/29 for 2 hrs. No activity yet in July.
    > ==================================
    > -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday told arch-foe Israel to "pack
    up" and move somewhere outside the Middle East.
    > -- Iranian officials watched the Korean missile tests earlier this month. In
    an appearance before a Senate panel, Assistant Secretary of State Chris Hill
    underscored US concern about growing ties between the two countries with nuclear
    > (Most of the missiles now hitting Israel were recently purchased by Iran
    from North Korea, then smuggled into Lebanon.)
    > ===================================
    > -- A judge has ruled that a 16-year-old boy fighting to use alternative
    treatment for his cancer must report to a hospital by Tuesday and accept
    treatment that doctors deem necessary. The judge on Friday also found Starchild
    Abraham Cherrix's par- ents were neglectful for allowing him to pursue
    alternative treat- ment of a sugar-free, organic diet and herbal supplements
    supervised by a clinic in Mexico.
    > -- Infection by Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria associated with peptic ulcers
    and gastric cancer, also appears to increase the risk of diseases of the
    circulation, also referred to as "vascular disease," according to an analysis by
    Italian researchers.
    > -- Women who gain weight, even within the limits of normal, may increase their
    risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease, a new study suggests.
    > ===================================
    > -- The experiment could throw light not only on the possible causes of the
    phenomenon, but also on the fundamental workings of human memory
    > -- The storm makes its closest approach to the Great Red Spot, but the pass
    has not visibly diminished its strength
    > -- An unprecedented glimpse of the blast wave from an erupting star gives new
    insight into the "standard candles" used to measure astronomical distances.
    (This may change the "science" of Cosmology.)
    > ====================================
    > -- The U.S. Department of Transportation's pipeline safety office on Thursday
    directed BP Exploration Inc. in Alaska to take additional measures and perform
    internal tests to ensure safe operation of its pipelines in Prudhoe Bay.
    > ====================================
    > //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    > Monday July 24, 2006
    > I was quickly scribbling my notes
    > As the professor stated in quotes
    > "In Democracy accounts
    > "It's always 'Your vote counts' -- but
    > "-- In Feudalism your Count votes"
    > ------------- BroJon
    > //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    > Click here to find the live links to the rest of the full stories in the
    Gazette -

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    This is not a post, this is a journal, to say the least. Tremendous effort. Thank you Gator, for all the information it contains.


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