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    Default Know Why Porter Goss Resigned As Director Of The CIA

    Hello Everyone,


    The “mystery” of Porter Goss’ resignation last month as CIA Director is
    apparently directly related to the huge seizure in Mexico several weeks
    earlier of over 5.5 tons of cocaine, according to government documents
    recently obtained by the The MadCowMorningNews.

    After Goss’s surprise resignation last month he told reporters his
    reason for resigning was "just one of those mysteries," offering no
    other explanation for his sudden departure after almost two years on
    the job.

    Goss’ resignation appears to be connected to the unprecedented
    withholding by the Federal Aviation Administration of the registration
    records for the DC9 (N900SA) which more than six weeks ago was caught
    carrying a cargo of five-and-a-half tons of cocaine, neatly packed into
    126 identical black suitcases at a jungle airstrip in the Yucatan.

    Last week the MadCowMorningNews was successful in obtaining the FAA
    records last week of the confiscated plane’s sister ship, an identical
    twin DC9 (N120NE) owned and operated by the same partnership. Both
    aircraft, painted to resemble U.S. Government aircraft from the
    Department of Homeland Security, were parked for several years at the
    general aviation terminal at Clearwater St Petersburg International

    Registration records of the twin plane show it has been owned for
    almost two decades by a series of firms previously revealed as aviation
    “front” companies of America's Central Intelligence Agency.

    The twin to the aircraft busted in Mexico, in other words, is a CIA plane.

    In fact, the plane’s owners over the past two decades reads like a Who’s
    Who of aviation companies known to serve as “fronts” for the CIA, whose
    true identities came to light during the Iran Contra Scandal.

    Read the whole story here:

    Also, be sure to check out the CIA & DRUGS section on my

    Prosperous regards,
    "And ye shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH
    shall make you free." John 8:32 & When you
    Learn the TRUTH the TRUTH will MAKE YOU MAD!

    For TRUTH go to
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