Joyce Morrison
November 15, 2004

Is it no wonder we are a nation of nervous, stressed people living in a world of fear searching all the wrong places for a peaceful answer?

This morning as I listened to the news I heard about traffic accidents as people rushed to work, the killings that occurred on the city streets, job losses, no cure for cancer or the cold but health care costs soaring beyond the reach of the average person. Then we turn to the rising costs of gasoline and heating oil and we wonder how we will pay our bills this winter.

That was just on the local front. Next we go to terrorism, the floods in the Northwest, the ongoing problems of the people who suffered Katrina and Rita and the national debt. They tell us the earth is over-populated and we have global warming or global cooling or whatever makes the news that day.

Internationally we hear of the increase in numbers of the tragic loss of lives in the earthquake in Pakistan while the Tsunami victims are still in recovery. We hear about Iraq and Afghanistan yet it is so far away we only know what we are told about that situation so we continue to pray.

The last few days we keep hearing the latest scare. The avian or bird flu is the next scare following SARS and West Nile Virus. We all know the word “pandemic” by now as we have heard it over and over.

The average person is no doubt wondering if it is really pandemic or if the big pharmaceutical companies have found a new source to make more money. When they cry wolf so many times it makes us wonder what decision we should make about putting another vaccine into our body.

Judy Smith, State Director for Concerned Women for America in Kansas has put our fear and stress in the perspective she calls the “wolf-pack” of the culture.

“While touring Alaska this summer, our guide told us how a wolf pack brings down a caribou or a moose….they attack from all sides slashing and tearing, rarely inflicting a mortal wound, until the beast is so weakened it goes down. I suspect some of you feel like that beleaguered moose…the wolves of culture are attacking on all sides and you and I are tiring of the battle. Some of us just keep striving: holding the wolves at bay but knowing our strength will eventually play out. Others give up or limp away to a safer spot. Unfortunately, the wolves follow.”

Retired US Fish and Wildlife biologist authority, Jim Beers, asks these questions:

Beers said, “Here are but a few things the Federal bureaucrats are sweeping under the covers as they think ahead about their careers and how Avian Flu may affect them. Ask yourself why the Federal agency and Department of the Interior (that "manage" Migratory Birds) are silent about:

- Is there any research on the likelihood of transmission of Avian Flu to wild North American migratory birds?

- Is it dangerous for US hunters to be handling, cleaning, or eating wild migratory birds?

- How much mixing is there of wild migratory birds from Asia and North American birds in the Aleutians? On the west coast? With birds that nest in far northern climes where E-W distances between Asia and North America are minimal? With birds that winter in central or eastern US?

- Is there any research on the potential for Avian Flu outbreaks where large concentrations of migratory birds congregate?

- Are there contingency plans for dispersing or destroying concentrations of migratory birds that are believed to be or about to be the source of an outbreak?

- Is there any research on killing and/or dispersal methodologies for emergency outbreaks? On private land? On National Wildlife Refuges?

- Have potential hotspots been identified (CA Central Valley, Central Platte in NE, Chincoteague VA and TX/LA goose areas, Rice Lake MN ringneck duck stopovers, etc.)?

- Have species or REAL concern (not all the money-driven drivel about "keystone", "threatened", "declining", "invasive", etc nonsense) been identified like snow geese, scaup, mallards, Canada geese, and others that gather for extended periods in large concentrations?

- Have areas where wild and domestic fowl intermingle or water supplies are shared, or runoff from wild birds contaminates domestic fowl areas been identified? Are there plans to minimize or eliminate such mixing? How could this be effected?

“I could go on but you get the point. Why aren't all these wildlife gurus that tell us we "need" wolves or that Indiana bats are "endangered" or that marine mammals "must be protected" or that dams must be "dismantled", etc. informed and prepared for these deadly implications? Why aren't the newspapers and TV commentators either interviewing them or summarizing for us what they are saying? The answer is because they are AWOL. This is tough stuff, not the warm fuzzies of "partnering" with some radicals to get more Federal money for bureaucrats and central authority over the rest of us,” Beers said.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH offers a commentary on the avian flu fright. In fact, he has written several thought provoking articles where he says: “This genocidal imposition is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation objectives.”

Horowitz said, “I suppose we should overlook the fact that the current frightening strain of H5NI avian flu virus has never readily jumped from human to human, and not commonly from birds to humans either. Thus, an effective vaccine can only be prepared by mutating the virus, thus creating what the world fears most.”

We live in an era with such conflicting reports, we spend half our time trying to decide what we should do and then making a decision not knowing the risk we have taken. We see pills advertised on television only to find they are more harmful than helpful. I spoke with my doctor about this and she was very upset wondering if she has prescribed harmful drugs to her patients as she trusted her pharmaceutical representative‘s information.

In researching about this flu, the thought passed through my mind. Who do they recommend get the first flu vaccines? If any vaccine is left over, it is then made available to the young healthy people.

With the high cost of treating the weak and elderly, are there elitists who believe these people are dispensable? Could the demise of these people possibly end the worry of their perceived “over-population” theory and ease the consumption levels they believe drain the economy and environment?

It is useless to worry or fear over today’s world and Judy Smith has found the solution:

“God says our concerns and fears are not solved by might or by power…but by His Spirit. In rushing about to fill our lives with the world’s answers and flexing our own puny muscles in the culture wrestling match, we forget to rest in Him. He has commanded us not to look anxiously about us but to wait for Him to renew our strength.”

We all needed that reminder as we deal with today’s fears and frustrations.

Aint it true!