Iíve heard some pastor saying this often and often?

How many of you have N10,000 each to partner with God?

How many of you have N5,000 each to partner with God?

Needless to say, you would see many people coming out to ďpartnerĒ by donating money.

When I partner with a company or someone, I expect some returns (though we also bear losses together) in a year or less or more.

But the monies collected by these men of God are mostly used for their personal purposes, at least in certain cases. The man of God gets richer and more comfortable.

However, in most cases, most of those who partnered by donating money would later get nothing in return (in spite of promises of unusual blessings).

Maybe I get it wrong, please explain to me:

What does it mean to partner with God?

Is there any gain in this or is it another means of duping people?

I turn the question to you, how many of you have N1,000,000 each to partner with God? Of letís say N500 each?

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