Who are possible US presidential candidates for 2020?


Donald Trump - I donít need to explain this.

Mike Pence - If Trump implodes, resigns, or just leaves Mike Pence steps up. Heís the VP and most of the party leadership actually likes him, as opposed to Trump.

John Kasich - If Trump gets impeached, and brings Pence down with him, Kasich is your boy. Heís the anti-Trump. Polite, soft-spoken, and actually gives a damn about policy.

Bernie Sanders - Runner-ups in past primaries often go on to be the next nominee. Bernie also enjoys incredible popularity with the left.

Elizabeth Warren - The original left-wing firebrand. If Sanders doesnít run, she could.
Cory Booker - Young, well-connected, charismatic. His presidential ambitions are a matter of when, not if.

Kamala Harris - The young upcoming Senator from California. Not only does she excited the Democratic base far more than Clinton did, she has appeal across the spectrum. She embraces Sanders-style reforms without giving the right the immediate perception of 'Socialism.í (Thank you for the suggestions in the comments)

Kirsten Gillenbrand -A popular Senator from NY. She says she isnít running; donít believe her. Sheís a younger version of Clinton with a lot less baggage.

Tim Kaine - Heís boring, but he was also the Democratic nominee for VP. He might bore you, but hell, by 2020, we might crave Ďboring.í

This list obviously isnít comprehensive nor was it intended to be. Itís likely that Republicans will win, and I say that because itís ALWAYS statistically likely for incumbents to win. Donald Trump is unpopular, incredibly so.

But never underestimate Democrats ability to screw away their chances, or any political party for that matter.


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