Babjide Kolade-Otitoju is head of news at TVC.

Heís highly intelligent and knowledgeable. I like him a lot, because he gives detailed and satisfactory answers to all questions asked on Journalists Hangout on TVC.

Some people even call him an ďencyclopedia.Ē I think there cannot be a truer word.

However, there is a big flaw in his habit: He heckles fellow journalists who say something contrary to him.

When Babajide talks, he is rarely interrupted. But when some other journalists talk, especially espousing something contrary to his opinions, he will interrupt them (sometimes continuously).

It usually happens when a woman is anchoring the program, and this is becoming embarrassing.

Those who blame others, who think they are knowledgeable, who think they can do better, should also demonstrate it in the simplest terms.

If a journalist is saying something which is contrary to Babajideís opinions, why canít he wait for the journalist to land, before refuting him? If he thinks he may forget the fact, why canít he jot it down, and later mention the points to be proven wrong.

Can we call it narrow-mindedness? This is Babjide Kolade-Otitojuís weakness; and an ignominious weakness it is.

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