I am clearly disturbed
Whether or not I admit it
by incessant heavy rains
hurtling down on the land:

I am the mind
Disturbed by anomalies and tricks
Disturbed by man’s errors and caprices
I am the mind that worries

The past cannot be forgotten
Today’s results are products of the past deeds
The sower of seeds did not reap any bounties
The laborers do not reap the fruits of their labor
The beneficiaries of the dividend of the labor are ungrateful

“Kill those traitors,”
The fighters for justice are the enemies of the country
Prophets are not honored in their homelands:

“Kill Those Traitors
who spread seditious ideas.”
But they fought for democracy
till they died in the struggle.

The authorities see them as nuisances
They are the fallen heroes of democracy
Could their split blood
these torrential rains wash away?

I am the mind
Disturbed by the man’s anomalies and tricks
White men threw off their oppressors’ yokes
And put their own yokes on those innocent
Those who wanted freedom at all cost have
abused the freedom of others;
An executioner does not want anyone to
wield a sword at his own back
Those who discovered scientific and religious
truths, principles, and facts
Some institutions persecuted and killed;
Now as the clean custodian of the truth
The institutions are seen

I am the mind
disturbed by the man’s folly and deception:
Do the masses deserve pity?
for dying for nothing is fighting for them
For lining up beside roads you will see them;
And being tortured by the rains and the sun
And waving to the convoy of their oppressors.

(Ben Alani, 2009)

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