What is the one thing you don't like about Nigeria(ns)?

The one thing I don't like about Nigeria(ns) is our Individualism.

This manifests itself in so many ways to make us the most selfish, unprogressive, sexist, tribalistic, narrow-minded, wicked, judgmental, homophobic, dishonorable, self-centred, patriarchal, subjective…..society. This leaves us being mediocre & incapable of being accountable. It makes us lazy, reject/fight positive change, refuse to unlearn old habits because it's just easier to be stupid. Human life means nothing to us & if it doesn't directly affect us, we just don't care or think about it.

Let me explain this more;

The Nigerian mind is the most divisive ever. Adopting children is alien to us because we can't imagine caring for, nurturing & loving someone else' child.

There's no reason why our tribes should divide us but we can't let go of that. We relish tribal discrimination & stereotypes.

In our personal lives, we'd treat our own children like kings but treat our house (hired) helps & even relatives like slaves. We'd clean our houses but mess up the streets. We'd give all we have to the church but the beggars in the streets are left to the “will of God”. We create businesses to cater for only us & our immediate family; we rarely think outside the box to consider how our businesses can support the society as well.

We don't pay taxes but expect a functional society (not that our politicians will give us that if we paid our taxes anyway but..).

More than 55% of us are Christians but we don't actually follow Christ or/& his ways. We follow ourselves. Sinning is just sweater than being a stupid, righteous Christian. & who wants to be accountable to a God they can't see (& have never seen) anyway?! “Judgement day is still FAR! Let's live for NOW & for us”. The Muslims…most Christians are scared shitless of living with them.

We cite the bible when it favours us. When it doesn't, we cite tradition. When tradition fails, we scratch our butts in search of supporting facts.

But who can blame them (us)? Any lawless society will promote the idea of “every man for himself”. When we help, we want monuments & billboards made in our names to declare our generosity.

Our politicians only lead & uplift their family members, ensure they have a secure life overseas then they continue destroying Nigeria.

Political parties aren't based on values but money & personal interests. By year 2025, 1 Nigerian politician would have been in all parties created & yet to be created maybe thrice. For now, it's APC (yawns). It's all about the winning party NOT about us, Nigerians. Forget values, very few Nigerians have core values or understand what it means to embody any.

I'm not saying this affects every Nigerian. But in so many ways, we've become scavengers on the hunt & only the fittest will survive.

To make it worse, we hide these under the cloak of religion. This is why our religious-saturated society doesn't work but the gay, open-marriage, transexual, atheist, divorce-saturated Western society works.

If I have to add 3 more items to the list:- Religion, extreme discipline of Nigerian Children and lack of open-mind!

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-on...out-Nigeria-ns

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