I became a born-again Christian in 1998. I have a father in the Lord who was then young (I was a in my early teens then). I won’t mention the name of the church.

Fast–forward to 35 years later. The pastor has retired and he has been given nothing; nothing whatsoever for 35 years of service of full-time. He was lucky to have gotten a small piece of land in a remote area. He erected a two-room, uncompleted apartment there.

Since then, the retired man of God has been living in penury. His Children aren’t OK enough to take care of him.

I’m afraid because I have an elder brother who’s currently serving as a full-time senior pastor in Redeemed Christian Church of God. I don’t want to ask him this question in order not to sound inquisitive or invasive. Then I turn to you Forumers:

Do full-time pastors at RCCG get gratuity and/or regular pension as long as they are alive?

Thanks for your expected answer.

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