What recognized country is most likely to be erased off the map?

Top ten fragile states in 2016 are:

Somalia (+1)
South Sudan (-1)
Central African Republic (0)
Sudan (0)
Yemen (+3)
Syria (+3)
Chad (-1)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (-3)
Afghanistan (0)
Haiti (+1)
Iraq is no. 11.

Full list: The Fragile States Index 2016

Right now, Syria may still have the best chance of losing part of its territory. Iraq has de facto already lost the north, they just haven't fully realised this.

As for the states that are likely to completely disappear, my favourite is the North Korea. East Germany was eventually swallowed back into the West Germany and North Korea will eventually follow the same path.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-recognize...ed-off-the-map

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