I have been driving in Lagos for more than 18 years. Im highly educated and familiar with highway code.

Yesterday, I was driving my car with my wife sitting by my side and a LASTMA official stopped my unexpectedly. I was sure I committee no traffic offence.

He was bent on taking us to their office. I obeyed him. As we were about to enter the office compound, he stopped us, asking us for any amount we had.

I was surprised. I thought he was taking us into their office compound, but he was now asking us for money.

The money I had with me was to buy some provisions for my kids at a boarding school. My wife was not happy. She hinted that I needed to show some madness at the LASTMA official. I refused to do that.

I gave the LASTMA man a sum of N2000. He collected it without saying nothing. I then asked him to tell me what my traffic offence was, so that I would make sure I did not repeat the same offence next time.

Dey go. Dey go joo! The LASTMA man shouted at me. Obviously, I committed no offence he was only using his position and uniform to extort money from me. The man was hungry. Nemesis is the goddess of retribution.

What could I do? He could have forced me into their office compound and lied against me, and I would have paid a heavy fine and a result of that.

This is a typical behavior of these LATSMA people. In one day or week, they may make more than their monthly salary.

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