Please donít judge me.

Iím a graduate, but there are no jobs. No money to start a business and no access to loans. The few jobs I got were short-lived, because there was no growth. You know whatís happening in Nigeria.

The rich donít help. They canít help unless they gain something from you. No job - no one to help. Rich donít help, save they want to use you. Iím not a trained military personnel, but Iím a strong man.

I can stand up to 3 or 4 men and finish them alone. Itís natural strength.

Recently, a friend of mine came home. He joined politicians as a professional thugs, and later got a job as a bodyguard to a state commissioner. Another one joined politics as a thug and heís now working as a bouncer in big and expensive hotel, where heís being paid well.

They would join as thugs, collecting weekly allowances for food. They can disorganize an oppositionís rally, and if thereís someone who proves stubborn, they beat him black and blue.

There are possibilities of being stabbed to death or maimed as thugs fight, but what about those who die every day without being thugs. No matter what people do, they die anyway?

For those of you who may want to condemn me, is there any help you can do for me? I need to feed my wife and kids.

Perhaps if I joined as my friend suggested, I might end up being a P.A. to someone influential. I might even get a job as a result of that.

My strength is my talent. Should I pray over it?

What do you think?

- Contributed.

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