Our crazy neighbor - North Korea - is ruled by Fat Kim, who is young, arrogant and unreasonable. West believes that China is capable of controlling this guy like a piece of cake. What they arenít aware of is that Fat Kim does not have any personal relationship with the Chinese leaders. Although his father and grandfather were close to China, this guy is a loner who enjoys being a king of his kingdom. He neither bows to China nor trusts China.

In the Latest news, the fifth nuclear test conducted in north Korea caused a panic in north China. Children in Chinese school had to stay outside because of the earthquake . We hate it and we donít support Fat Kim.

So the question is why China doesnít overthrow Fat Kim. Well, there are realistic reasons:

If Fat Kim is down, South Korea will occupy and unify the whole Korea. Will the new Korea treat China as friend or enemy? We all know that US is allied with Korea and there are plenty of US military bases there that threaten China. It is unacceptable to see US soldiers in front of our door without any promise that China will not be attacked. The US and Korea should tell China what it will be like after they unify North Korea.
North Korea is your threat, and US is our threat. What do you expect China to do? Support and help you, then we can see US armies standing outside of our home ?

2. Who will save the refugees in case Fat Kim government is broken? We donít like to see the situation taking place in the Middle East. US and allies come, drop bombs and then leave. The people living on the land and their neighbors suffer. There must be a perfect plan for postwar. Else, look at EU now, which is overwhelmed by the endless suffering refugees.

3. If Fat Kim uses nuclear weapons, how are you gonna deal with it? Is anyone ready for this case? If we screw it up, the Korea, China and Japan will be in chaos. The economics and politics will be out of control beyond imagination.

4. Suppose China puts pressure on North Korea. What if Fat Kim surrenders to US ?Worst of all, China turns into an enemy of Fat Kim who possesses nuclear weapons. Then China will be a loser in this battle. I believe west will laugh at our stupidity without any sympathy.

Since there isnít any mutual strategic trust between west and China, we make decision on the basis of own national interest. We wait and see how Fat Kim and US play the game, we will enter the play in second half.

Source: QUORA