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    Default Bush Sells Out American Truckers !!


    By Geoff Metcalf
    September 11, 2007

    “From the cowardice that dare not face new truths,
    From the laziness that is contented with half truth,
    From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
    Good Lord, deliver me.” --Kenyan prayer

    The epic arrogance of an administration that can comfortably blow off p.o.-ed Teamsters, apoplectic environmentalists, and a mystified Congress is beyond merely annoying.

    Mexican trucks are rolling, rolling, rolling, and apparently, notwithstanding overwhelming congressional and public opinion disapproval, no one can do ‘Jack’ to stop them.

    The litany of specific significant questions is awe-inspiring and cavalierly ignored by the haughty administration.

    No one knows or can confirm drivers are even properly licensed?
    No one know if drivers are sober or rested with the legally required amount of down time?
    Do they speak English? Can they read U.S. road signs?
    What is the cargo?
    Terrorists, Illegal immigrants, *****, Terrorists, or Weapons of Mass Destruction?
    Will banned pollution foul the air?
    Are American truckers in danger of losing jobs to lower-paid Mexican drivers?
    What about the loss of tax revenue which supports the U.S. highway infrastructure?
    Sadly, we don’t know what we don’t know…and the administration apparently couldn’t care less.

    Our derelict Department of Transportation is allowing 44 Mexican long-haul vehicles to participate in the first 30 days. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, over 100 Mexican trucking companies will be green lighted to dispatch THOUSANDS of trucks into ‘El Norte.’

    The audacity of the administration’s contempt for public opinion, Congress, and our law is reprehensible. But hey, THIS is what we knew could and would result from NAFTA. I warned about this in 1991, 1998. [Read] and [Read]

    Truckers already have begun to protest the project at the California border and a massive trucker’s protest drive on Washington is anticipated.

    NAFTA was, is, and will always be a bad deal. A ‘borderless’ North America was a designed, intended consequence of the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. Canadian trucks have already had free passage throughout the U.S. but the DOT has never certified Mexican trucks…until now.

    A 2000 demand from a NAFTA tribunal upheld Mexican complaints. No surprise!

    Mexican trucks, which make over 4.5 million trips over the border each year, had been limited to about a 20-mile zone where loads had to be to U.S. trucks for delivery.

    On May 15, Congress passed the Safe American Roads Act of 2007 by a 411-3 margin, prohibiting the DOT from putting the “pilot program” into effect until a list of requirements were met, such as insuring full inspection of the Mexican trucks and allowing U.S. trucks to operate in Mexico beyond commercial zones.

    The White House reportedly leaned on the Senate Transportation Committee (big-time) not to hold hearings on the Senate version of the bill. The administration and their DOT are driving on in total defiance of both the will of the American people and Congress.

    There is ‘no way/no how’ that U.S. trucking regulations will be enforced in Mexico.

    Mexican drivers are ‘supposed’ have to be drug-tested.
    However, there are no certified alcohol/drug testing facilities in Mexico.
    There is no national criminal database in Mexico.
    Corruption is epidemic.
    The DOT does a lousy job of inspecting American trucks (some 40 percent inspected). Does ANYone really expect them to do any better with Mexican trucks?

    The Bush administration has argued “the critical bilateral relationship between the U.S. and Mexico would be placed under considerable strain by further delay in the demonstration project.” BULLFEATHERS!

    Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen, has called the program, “a perfect storm. It is a predictable disaster.”

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that 17.5 percent of inspected Mexican trucks had bad brakes!
    One in four border-crossing drivers did not have a Mexican commercial license.
    15 per cent had no logbooks.
    Seventy per cent of the $300 billion in trade between the US and Mexico in 2006 was carried by truck.

    You don’t need to be a tree hugger to understand that more traffic in older, dirtier rigs will hurt clean air standards.

    According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) allowing Mexican trucks into the U.S. will bring an additional 50 tons per day of polluting nitrogen oxide and 2.5 tons of other particulate matter into California.

    An average US trucker pays over $16,000 in highway user fees. Mexicans trucks won’t be paying ****. Thousands of trucks at some 400 gallons per truck will contribute significantly to lost highway maintenance tax money.

    There is some question if Marcus Tullius Cicero did or didn’t say, “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt…” However, whoever said it was spot on.

    © 2007 Geoff Metcalf - All Rights Reserved

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    Default ZERO air defense for the entire country on 14 Sept.

    I found the below "Very Shocking" post in other forum:
    Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 6:02 am Post subject: LISTEN UP!!!


    I'm sure you've heard about the five missiles with 150 kiloton nuke warheads (3X the wipeout power of Nagazaki) crossing the US strapped to the bottom of the belly of a bomber to a base in the south which is the base that supplies the war machine for the Iran war about to happen. Maybe you haven't heard the why yet though. Some of this stuff sounds pretty preposterous. Were these meant to nuke five major UC cities for anotehr 911 that woudl then surely put the country under martial law?? Or were these headed to Iran? Remember to get your parachute and learn how to keep it.

    De****e our own CIA Director making a rare public speech claiming Al-Qaida is planning "high-impact attacks against the U.S. Homeland" our Air Force has taken steps to make our entire country vulnerable to such attacks on September 14.

    In an order given to all fighter pilots and bomber pilots, the entire U.S. Air Force will "stand down" on Friday September 14. We will have ZERO air defense for the entire country on that day!

    They have ordered this stand down after five nuclear bombs were "accidentally shipped by plane from Minot AFB in North Dakota to Bartsdale AFB in Louisiana on a B-52 bomber. The military says they need to stand down to go over nuclear protocols.

    What is very odd about this order is that Fighter jets NEVER carry nuclear bombs. Only Bombers carry nuclear warheads. So why are fighter pilots also being ordered to stand down?

    If a terrorist attack takes place on September 14, then we know that our own government made it possible with a military stand-down order.

    If such an attack takes place, We The People of the United States will be left with no choice but to exercise our "orginal right of self defense" and remove our government from power by any and all means necessary, barring nothing.

    Here's another thread that ties in with that:
    On scene investigator tells "The Hal Turner Show" there is clear evidence of foul play and intense pressure on locals to keep quiet about the facts of the murder.

    As most readers of this web site know, within the past two weeks there have been extremely unusual OPTIONS contracts offered for sale on more than $6 BILLION of Stock being traded on certain stock markets.

    The people offering those options are allegedly betting the stock market will drop 30% - 50% in value before September 21. If that happens, they make out really well. If a crash does not happen, they will lose Billions.

    The Hal Turner Show has been told - but has not yet been able to confirm - that the Congressman found out about some type of swindle set to take place in the stock markets later this month and he was going public with the information. I am told that people who stand to lose from being exposed, killed this Congressman.
    More information as it becomes available.
    UPDATE: 1426 HRS EDT: A single staffer, familiar with the scandal and with access to the evidence has told us this matter is so huge, the US will go to war with Iran BEFORE September 21, to divert public attention from the financial disaster!
    Click Here for initial report of "death"

    It gets worse
    after denying the formation of the north american union or the minting of the amero coins (we will get 10cents on our dollar when we trade our dollars for ameros the banks tell us) our government started letting Mexican truckers onto the new superhigway that will eventually connect Mexico to Canada four football fields wide. This past week, Dr. Jerome Corsi has revealed the issuance of the first driver's licenses from North Carolina bearing the NAU logo and Mexican trucks began rolling across our borders in the dead of night. Now, why do you suppose Bush and his minions at DOT used the cover of night to get this invasion underway?
    CNN Reports president Bush signed a formal agreement that would allow the U.S. to merge with Mexico and Canada to form a "North American Union". The formation of the NAU would end the United States of America as we know it:

    CNBC confirms: U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Mexican Peso would be replaced by the "Amero" :
    YouTube - CNBC Interview with Stephen Previs about the Amero [hq]

    Pictures of some of the NAU "Amero" coins:
    Amero Coins Arrive

    Interview with noted NAU expert and author, Dr. Jerome Corsi. Is this why George Bush won't secure our borders? - Real Impact Online.

    And it gets even more interesting:
    How about this tidbit?
    The U.S. Federal Reserve System has already been abolished by written contract, and
    physically will be abolished on September 18, 2007. The new U.S.
    Treasury gold-backed banking system goes on line on September 19, 2007 along with the
    Global Banking System. All banks without a Gold Charter will be immediately closed, and their
    accounts moved to 'gold chartered' banks.

    Does this mean Nesara is about to be announced and the prosperity programs will finally pay out???
    Remember, there's a good chance that Nesara is the agenda of the antichrist.
    What an interesting time we live in.

    And it gets worse:
    Actually Andy Mc Cracken at Exodus 2006 has done such a good job of summarizing the bad news
    that I am just going to give you his update.

    Exodus 2006 - NEWSLETTER - No.43 - 10th September 2007
    It has been nearly six months since the last newsletter. There have been a few occasions when I was tempted to send one out but, at the same time, have been concerned not to appear to be constantly crying "wolf". This newsletter is an alert - for this week - particularly the 11th and the 14th.
    This time it is based on items that are in the news - and not on prophecy and/or Bible codes. The context is important here too, I have spent a lot of time online in various newsgroups, and reading many articles that have been posted on websites, and it is difficult to convey all that in a newsletter. So what I intend to do here, is to get to the point first, and then I will provide some links that give a feel to the background; for those who are interested in some further reading.
    The story that has concerned me most, just recently, is the one about the B-52 that flew across the US with 6 armed nuclear missiles - by "mistake".
    Commander disciplined for nuclear mistake -
    Commentators appear to agree that the procedures are such that it really isn't possible to load nuclear weapons by mistake. So it looks more likely that perhaps the mission was ordered outside of the normal chain of command, and was supposed to remain a secret, but some airforce personnel blew the whistle on it. One theory is that the destination airbase is the staging area for an attack on Iran, and de****e the official "no nuke" policy, d**k Cheney, or somebody, decided to include some nuclear cruise missiles anyway. Other theories suggest the missiles were to be used against American targets in a "false flag" attack that would then be blamed on Iran somehow.
    A further report that particularly worried me is this one carried by MSNBC -
    Langley jets grounded next week for safety review - News -
    The odd feature in this is that they are saying USAF fighters are being grounded on the 14th during the review of procedures following this incident. This is very odd since fighters do not carry nuclear weapons, and it seems there may be no air defense on the 14th if this is true. This reminds me of the situation in 2001 when 5 different training drills were underway on the morning of Sept 11th, resulting in no effective air cover, which allowed even the Pentagon to be attacked, and nearly an hour after the WTC was first hit. This makes me wonder if something is planned to happen on the 14th. I had been wondering if it would be on 9/11 again, particularly since another Bin Laden video has just been released.
    My advice, therefore, is to avoid large cities this Tuesday and Friday, if at all possible. The worst-case scenario is that there will be major terrorist attacks, Bush will declare martial law, and he will then have unhindered dictatorial powers, Iran will be blamed and bombed, other countries will be drawn into a widening conflict.
    I don't know the exact timing for all this, before the 2008 elections, maybe starting this week. If martial law is declared, they will probably pull the plug on the main DNS servers, so that the internet stops working.
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