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July 19, 2007 NA (Network America) e-wire

Diagnostic on the Ron Paul Campaign 3 Weeks before Ames

Dear Friends in the Ron Paul Campaign,

This Network America ewire is a candid diagnosis of what is needed to make the
Ames, Iowa Straw Poll a Ron Paul success - and first place finish. I hope this
gets to all the Meet Up Groups, and to DailyPaul, etc.

1. The biggest immediate need, I would say, is that everyone in the country that
supports Ron Paul should ADOPT AN IOWAN. This means you send $35 (the price of a
ticket to vote at Ames) to the effort at: Ron Paul 2008 - Iowa Straw Poll ----> Adopt-a-Iowan
-- on that page you will find a PayPal button on the lower right hand side.
Donate want you can. Some have already left in the comments that they donated
for two or three Iowans. Even $5 is good, as you will then help adopt a part of
an Iowan (others will adopt the rest of that Iowan!).

2. McCain and Rudy Ghouliani have pulled out of the Iowa Straw Poll - because
they have no support on the ground - not in Iowa, and not anywhere else. Rudy is
a Big Media created hologram. His support is all rigged Big Media Polls and the
Ruling Elite's planned computer votefraud for him in the big computerized
states. SO - THE STRAW POLL will come down to Flippity-Floppity Romney vs. Paul.
Washington DC, New York City, and the Iowa GOP know this. So they are pulling
out all the stops for Romney. Romney himself has just put $6 million into his
own campaign - he's worth, I think, $500 million. So ---

SO - to combat Romney - we need 10,000 Ron Paul supporters to "Adopt an Iowan"
by sending $35 in through the above website. WE ALL HAVE BEEN ASKING WHAT WE CAN
DO - here's something we can do!

The IOWA STRAW POLL is the first major contest of the year. 250 media major
media outlets already have reserved space for hookups at the Iowa Caucus. For
how it attracted so much publicity beginning in 1987 and since, and for all
about the Ames Straw Poll, you can go here:


WHY do we need to make sure that Ron Paul wins at Ames? Because it will bury the
lie of the 5 TV Networks and the GOP Establishment - that Ron Paul is a
non-candidate. THEY know it, and that's why there will be a big push for Romney.

3. This is a "shout out" to those who run the "Adopt an Iowan" website page --
you need to post a DAILY REPORT of how close you are to getting 10,000 people to
"Adopt an Iowan" --- this is how people get excited and believe that their
little bit will ad up. So, if we have 20 Iowans adopted right now - say that. 50
Iowans adopted tomorrow - say that. And the excitement will build.

4. The next big Project is Call Iowa! On the top right of - you
will see the words "Iowa Straw Poll" in green. Everyone in the USA can help the
Iowa team call Iowans and get them to Ames. Do this if you can. Again, if Ron
Paul wins or comes in 2nd in Ames (let's think victory!) - the Big Media lie
that he is a minor candidate without an organization dies a well deserved
instant death, i.e., the Big Media will have to abandon this lie or lose their
credibility with millions more Americans who will finally see what deceivers
they are.

5. Finally, there is the "ride" an Iowan program. This is where people, in state
or out of state, -- volunteer to pick up somebody who needs a ride to the straw
poll. Research, I am told, says that 85% of the people who attend live within 50
miles of Ames, Iowa. To volunteer to help drive somebody to the Straw poll, go

At the very bottom left you will find a link that says: RSVP to attend or
volunteer - and at that link you can volunteer to drive someone. (Suggestion to
campaing: link all three programs - adopt an Iowan, Call Iowa, and Drive
somebody - so that all three activities are immediately visible when one clicks
on the Iowa Straw Poll spot at the top right of the home page.)

6. There is developing major image problem for the campaign with the most
dedicated volunteers - and I am begging the Campaign top dogs - Joe Seehusan,
Lew Moore, and Kent Snyder - to come out of the shadows and address this.

The shut down of the Spooner program was handled very badly - and should never
have been down at all. (Spooner was a sophisticated program developed by the
Austin, Texas group that had a lot of momentum rolling towards getting people to
call in Iowa.) I urge the Spooner people to put their program back up - but just
hand over to Iowa and Headquarters all the new contacts on a daily basis. That
is what all volunteer initiatives should do: share with headquarters - but this
is all going to go by in the blink of an eye - and it is insane to stifle
volunteer initiatives. The only red flag if someone is dong something that they
are not willing to share with headquarters.

7. There is a perception that the Ron Paul campaign management is willing to
more or less trust the crooked vote count which the Iowa GOP is again planning
to hold at this straw poll. As some of the campaign officials have been made
aware - this is not going to go down well with a very large number of Ron Paul
supporters who are aware of the crooked computerized machines which the Iowa GOP
is still planning to use, and who also aware that the Iowa GOP was totally
complicit in defrauding Pat Buchanan in Dubuque, Iowa in the 1996 Presidential
Caucuses. This is proven. (Search "House with Doors" on Google.)

It is now established that Iowa GOP is planning to use the thoroughly
discredited Diebold computerized machines to "count" the vote at the straw poll
in Iowa. There are to be 60 counting stations. The voter marks his ballot for
his Presidential choice, feeds his ballot into a slot that eats the ballots and
takes it out of public site. (This is absolutely unacceptable, i.e. having the
ballots disappear from public site BEFORE they are counted.) Then -

Then at 6 PM when the voting ends, someone designated will do something that
causes the machine to **** out a ticker tape type receipt with the alleged vote
for all the candidates at that machine. To see how easy it is to rig these
Diebold machines, see this experiment done by Princeton University a short while
ago. There is also a FOX news spot on Fox & Friends which has the Princeton
people on as guests --- where they re-do the experiement exposing the Diebold
computer crookery.

IF you seach "Princeton Diebold" on YouTube - then the first two entries which
come up are: "FOX News exposes Princeton / Diebold Vote Reversal Story", which
is 3:08; and "Princeton Scientists Hack Diebold" - which is 9:28, and the more
comprehensive of the two videos.

Back to the action: THEN, when the ticker tape is printed out by the machine -
the Iowa Straw Poll officials will run officiously to a counting room (as if the
main danger is some participant stealing the ticker tape out of their hand!).
Then, in the "counting room" a representative for each campaign will be allowed
to watch somebody add up the numbers on the ticker tapes.

Problem is, the sleight of hand has already been pulled, as we are taking on
"blind faith" that the ticker tape is reporting the real vote. Of COURSE, it
will not be reporting the real vote. It will be reporting the phony vote that
ensure Romney will "win." Otherwise, the Iowa GOP would simply have the 300 or
so ballots at each station counted in the open, before representatives of each
campaign - by two randomly selected volunteers at each station. This would be
the honest and open way to do it, and this is what the Iowa GOP state
headquarters - is DETERMINED to prevent.

So, while we welcome some communication from headquarters on this, here is what
a fast-growing group of volunteers is already preparing to do:

a) conduct a parallel election, where Ron Paul supporters - and everybody else -
will be asked to show their ticket before they vote in the straw poll, write
their candidate on an unofficial ballot, and sign their name and Iowa Address. A
group of volunteers will collect these ballots all day, and will count them at
the end - this way we will know at least a minimum of votes that Ron Paul should
get in the Straw Poll - if the Iowa GOP persists in using the easily-rigged
Diebold computers. (Diebold computers were MADE to rig elections. Period.)

b) Have hundreds of signs present which say something like this: Make Sure Your
Vote Counts - (and then in smaller letters) - double check the easily rigged
Diebold computers the IOWA GOP is using inside for the vote. (If you are willing
to carry around a fold up paper sign -- off and on all day, such signs will be
available on the grounds that day.)

c) Have at least 60 video cameras available interviewing participants who are
willing to go on camera and say who they are voting for and why. Hopefully all
the Ron Paul voters will be willing to go on video camera. This will make a
great YouTube.

d) other activities, not to be announced in advance.

This entire effort will have a chance at forcing the Iowa GOP to admit Ron
Paul's real vote.

8. The proposed Ron Paul press conference: A group of us are proposing that
Congressman Ron Paul hold a press conference on the grounds at Ames - early in
the day. At the press conference, we are proposing that Ron Paul address the
need for an open and honest count of the vote at all the contests in 2007 and
2008. We are proposing that hundreds and thousands of his supporters come and
stand behind him at this Press conference. This will make a glorious YouTube
Video - a glorious video for any website that wants to carry it - and all this
might even force the Big Media to cover this press conference. (They're going to
look mighty darn silly if they don't.)

Vital information about the dangers of the Ames Straw Poll have been placed in
the hands of a number of campaign officials. We know that the Ron Paul campaign
officials are buried in details - but this is not an issue that can be ignored.
If HQ does not take the initiative and respond to this request, then hundreds of
us will be forced to besiege Congressman Paul as he arrives at Ames, Iowa, and
ask him to do an impromptu press conference on the spot.

9. Radio ads on the Big Radio Stations around Des Moines and Ames: A few days
ago, I issued the only strategy available now to break through the Big Media
strategy to keep Ron Paul from the people. As you all know, there is a studied
and well enforced rule that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Tim Russert, etc. - all
those on the 5 Big TV Networks and Clear Channel radio - are not allowed to
treat Ron Paul as a serious candidate, or even mention him as a serious
candidate (they usually don't mention him).

Let's understand: This Big Censorship Policy against Ron Paul enforced at all
these stations - is one of the two big tactics being used by the Ruling Elite
against us. The other is, of course, computer votefraud.

I will state unequivocally that if Ron Paul were given equal and fair (dare I
saw "and balanced"?) coverage by the Big TV and Radio stations - and as afforded
an honest count - he would be the Republican nominee. Most people haven't
thought about what an act of utter treachery (I would say treason) it is for the
anti-Americans running the 5 Big TV Networks in New York City to promote
endlessly three or four candidates - and ignore all the others. This amounts to
illegal corporate donations to Romney, McCain, Ghouliani, and Fred Thompson.
Then, after giving only a few candidates publicity, these lying networks take
polls and ask people who they've heard of. Incredible.

At the link immediately below, I explained why the Campaign had to take $300,000
now and bust up this censorship by putting Ron Paul ads on Sean Hannity, Rush
Limbaugh, and other big talk show hosts on big Talk Radio stations in all the
major cities in the nation.

These ads must bluntly tell the people what is happening with this censorship,
and direct the listener to Ron Paul 2008 — Hope for America . There is a proposed radio ad at
the below link also. Based on present experience, such a campaign would bring
back well over $300,000 to the campaign through internet donations - and it
would force Ron Paul into the minds of tens of millions of conservatives and
concerned citizens. And boy are a lot of Rush and Hannity listeners going to be
mad at them when they find out what they've been hiding from them.


The Campaign cannot wait longer to challenge the Big Media suppression of Ron
Paul. With time, the lopsided publicity of Romney, etc. - and the suppression of
Ron Paul - will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it did against Pat
Buchanan in 2000.

Right now, the traitors running the 5 Big TV Networks are administering an IV
with euthanasia medicine (censorship and suppression) into the Ron Paul
Campaign. The Campaign must take this head on and explain to the American people
what ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX and Clear Channel are doing to warp this
Presidential Election. The ENTIRE future of the country and world are at stake
here. Do you all grasp that 30 or so New York City slicksters, who run the 5 Big
TV Networks together, and who run News Election Pool, which coordinate the
computer votefraud, are nullifying the efforts of millions of American activists
- because most of the country still THINKS we have a reasonably fair news media
- and because most of the country THINKS that we have honest vote counts at

10. A Congressional Candidate NOW in Iowa: we still desperately need a
Congressional candidate in Iowa. Anyone over 25 years old can collect 50 valid
signatures of registered voters and pay a fee of about $100 and be on the ballot
for congress the Iowa primary next year. At that point, the big FCC licensed
radio stations, like WHO, must run the candidate's ad verbatim, without
alteration or censorship - and they must run the ads during the programs as

Here is the basic idea of the type of radio ad that must be run between August 3
and August 11 before the Ames Straw poll:

"On August 11 at Iowa State University in Ames - the Iowa Straw Poll takes
place. The national media is not telling you about the most interesting
candidate, Congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul voted against the Iraq war, wants to
shut down the IRS, and has never voted for a tax increase in Congress. The Iowa
GOP is AGAIN using the easily riggable Diebold computers to quote "count the
vote" upquote - And many thousands of Ron Paul supporters think that the Iowa
GOP are using these discredited Diebold machines so that they can steal some of
Ron Paul's vote. Votefraud is what happened to Pat Buchanan in the Iowa Caucus
of 1996 - google for the article: A House Without Doors" - and be sure to go to, that's - and be there at the Ames Straw Poll to
vote AND to help us get a fair count. Paid for by XXX XXXXX for Congress. That's -- end of rough draft radio ad.

NOW - what has been presented above is a comprehensive strategy for victory in
Ames - and to begin to alert the rest of the country to the criminal votefraud
syndicate that is stealing America at each election since at least the 1988

All parts of it need to be done for success.

End of this Network America ewire.

Jim Condit Jr.
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