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    Default The Coming Technocratic Dark Age


    Nancy Levant
    October 31, 2006

    Imagine the entire world ruled by several thousand and mostly hidden aristocrat families who control all banks, science, mass communications, and technology. Then imagine their global chain of financial employees and dependents.

    Imagine that these elitist families are united together in mission to replace political and religious beliefs with laws of their invention. Then imagine that over time, the world’s people come to reject and/or forget Divine Laws, which are then replaced with authoritarian laws custom designed by such aristocrats.

    If no Divine Laws exist in the minds of the world’s people, the elitists have no higher authority, and in fact become the highest ruling authority – becoming god-like themselves through the invention of an elite government based upon their benefits, desires, and profits.

    Then imagine the legal system that would have to set into place to protect these elitist families from 99% of the world’s population, as their on-going problem would be to maintain such power. A constant and loyal or highly paid army and a constant state of threat would be in order to hold authoritarian power over global humanity. Try to fathom this kind of power.

    It would seem that we have described a scientific fictional tale, but, in fact, that fiction is the world’s living reality. The elite have, in fact, purchased and claimed terrifying powers over the world’s people, and are, in fact, implementing their custom made legal/control system of governance. So, let us begin by assuming that the bulk of humanity does not understand the power or threats behind a technocratic world owned and controlled by elitists who know no higher authority than self-omnipotent power achieved through criminally absconded wealth.

    Let us assume that “commoners” are insects that take up space and property, mass produce, and who are ill-prepared and disinclined to enrich the lives of these elite families on a year-by-year basis. Let us also assume that the elites have, in their creation of a global and self-serving legal system, invented ways to take and control everything the insects have or may attain in the future. Imagine a legal system where the insects are disallowed private property, votes, mobility, access to food, water, and shelter, and whose money is actually game money – like Monopoly dollars – that are actually and only certificates of permanent debt. Again – the money issued and paid to the insects in exchange for their labors is not actual money – but actually certificates of debt to elite families. Then add to this equation elite legislative authority to spy upon the insects in stores, gas stations, and 90% of all public places; in their homes, schools, places of employment, and via all communication services that the insects are required to purchase – including Internet service and email, the Postal Service, and telephone/fax and cell phone services.

    Alas, a picture evolves before your eyes, and it’s called the United States of America. It’s also called England, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and 90% of the rest of the world’s nations. The big picture is called World Governance custom designed by the rich – a government of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich.

    So, my fellow insects, as another rigged election rounds our caged corners, we are asked by our televised ******* to continue to vote for their custom made agendas and form of government. Their simplification of our decision into “press red or press blue” buttons certainly catered to the brainlessness our species, while our ******* also eliminated all potential Third Party competition by disallowing those in opposition to be seen/heard on their communications networks, whereby controlling all political information that we the insects receive.

    What is sad – truly sad – is that we the insects realize our dilemma. We also realize that the purpose of “drugs” has evolved into social control of mass producing bugs. I believe the term is extermination when used in the context of pests or genocide in the context of the human being. Either way – same result.

    And so it appears that another Dark Age has befallen our planet – an age full of crisis, sickness, ignorance, deceit, manipulation, threats, and violence. But in historical uniqueness, we have also entered into the age of full-blown technological manipulation and technologically staged realities. As such, we the insects are afraid and confused and search blindly for familiar patterns in our managed realities. So we vote as if we lived in the old world – pretending that life as we once knew it existed. In our fear, we pretend that our politicians represent our interests and needs though, in fact, we know that they moved on decades ago in total representation of a government they invented specifically for the protection of themselves.

    Go ahead. Vote for the red and the blue politicians. I’m sure you feel safer doing so. However, you might want to consider just drinking the arsenic. It will be a quicker and more humane death. It will also make the politicians you voted for quite pleased with your civic obedience and your global consciousness. After all - the less of us, the better - for “their” sustainable futures. Your new governors will be far safer once the insect population lies and dies down.

    Please read The Cultural Devastation of American Women, which is available at -- Where Reality Shatters Illusion, Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more, and Barnes*&* - Books, Used & Out of Print, Textbooks, Children's Books, DVDs, Music, Toys – books sections. It will help your families.

    © 2006 Nancy Levant - All Rights Reserved

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    What's really sad about the above comments is the simple fact that, only about 25% of regestered voters in the US actually vote! That should be considered a crime.

    How many people call, write, or email their elected officials over issues? How many people actually KNOW WHO their elected officials are???

    Don't credit the "elitist" for building themselves their own world. They don't have that kind of power. Credit the VOTING PUBLIC who don't give a ***. There's the real problem!!

    After further thought, the question comes to mind - if the above commentary is true, what can be done about it? Can the "insects", as the article calls us, actually do something to change this?

    Personally, I believe the answer to this question is YES!!!
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