U.S. officials and bribed banksters illegally profiting from trillions
owed Ambassodor Leo Wanta and the American people.

18 Aug 2006
By Greg Szymanski

Here are some excerpts from the article...

Since November 2005 a massive fraud, estimated at $25 trillion, has been
funneled to India by corrupt American officials in one of the largest
fund-washing and money-laundering schemes ever devised in the history of
the world, according to Ambassador Leo Wanta, and as reported Thursday
by London financial writer, Christopher Story.

The massive money laundering scheme has come to light as a result of the
brash and arrogant actions of President Bush and the Federal Reserve
Board, who have been unscrupulously blocking a $4.5 trillion settlement
due Ambassador Wanta and earmarked for the American people and the
betterment of the economy.

The settlement is a portion of the $27.5 trillion offshore fund
established at the end of the Cold War, which is now under the legal
control of Ambassador Wanta, as duly appointed trustor under direction
of former President Ronald Reagan.

It was always the intention of President Reagan and Ambassador Wanta to
use the money for the benefit of the American people, but after Reagan
left the political spotlight, Wanta was indiscriminately and illegally
jailed by operatives working for the last three presidential
administrations, who have instead pilfered trillions for their own
agenda and personal gain.

Regarding the $25 trillion diverted to India in matters related to the
Wanta settlement, Story added: "In a massive, officially sanctioned,
illegal money-laundering carousel that has been ongoing with the full
knowledge and participation of the corrupt US Federal Reserve ever since
November 2005, an estimated $25 trillion of related funds has meanwhile
been diverted to INDIA by the American authorities and others, in order
to remove the funds from the immediate spotlight being shone into the
eyes of the criminal gangs operating at the very heart of the US
Government and its structures," said Story in his Thursday report at
Global Analysis and International Intelligence - World Reports - Soviet Analyst - Edward Harle - Global Analysis - London and New York.

"Specifically, the proceeds of these fund-washing operations are placed
back onto the books from which funds were diverted, with the self-
enrichment profits being transferred to India in the form of bonds.
The key perpetrators of these continuing frauds include the President
and Vice President of the United States, George W. Bush Jr. and Richard
Cheney, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Ben Bernanke, the
Secretary of Defense, Mr. Donald Rumsfeld, and also two successive
Secretaries of the Treasury (John Snow and Henry M. Paulson).

"Without going into excessive detail, the illegal operations have the
effect of laundering US dollars, including American taxpayers' funds of
course, off the books, in collaboration with corrupt foreign officials
and elected leaders with the crooked, illegal proceeds being placed
back onto the books where 'holes' created by previous organised
financial scams need most urgently to be plugged.

"These ongoing frauds, sanctioned at the highest levels, enable past
giga-financial scams to be covered up while holders of high office
participate in successive fraudulent transactions off the books with
corrupt foreign counterparties lodging their illegal untaxed profits
offshore. The attitude of the criminals involved is that the purpose of
holding high office is self-enrichment, rather than serving the US
nation and the abused American people."

Story's detailed financial update on the much talked about Wanta
settlement, as approved by Ambassador Wanta due to the financial
sensitivity of the story, has tracked the exact location of the $4.5
trillion illegally being held up by high-level U.S. officials as of
August 14 in a non-depletion, non-callable Secured U.S. Treasury
Securities Account at Goldman Sachs and Co.

Further, it was reported that the chairman of Bank of America, where
the funds were originally tagged and stored, "became so alarmed at this
stark reality that he demanded that the Treasury take the $4.5 trillion
belonging to Ambassador Wanta off his books, so that he and his
institution would no longer appear to be implicated in the fraud."

For a more in depth look at the financial intrigue, the violations of
law committed by the perpetrators and the international implications
and foreign governments involved, Story's entire article can be
referenced at Global Analysis and International Intelligence - World Reports - Soviet Analyst - Edward Harle - Global Analysis - London and New York.

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