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    Default Read This And Be Amazed!!

    Here is something to think about!

    Try the following and read the text carefully, this will be really really weird at the end. I can promise you that.

    1) New York City have 11 letters
    2) Afghanistan have 11 letters

    3) Ramsin Yuseb (The terrorist that planned to destroy the twin towers in 1993) have 11 letters

    4) Gearoge W Bush have 11 letters

    This could all be Coincidences, but it gets more interesting

    1. New York is the 11:th state

    2. Airplane 11 had 92 passengers (9+2 = 11)

    3. Airplane nr 77 that also flew in to Twin Towers had 65 passengers (6+5=11)

    4. The tradegy occured on the 11th of september alson known as 9/11 (9+1+1=11)

    5. And as you know US emergency phone nr are 911 ( 9 + 1 + 1=11)

    Still thinks its just coincidences? Keep on reading,

    1. Total number of victims when the plain crashed were 254(2+5+4)=11)

    2. 11th september is the 254th day of the year ( 2 + 5 + 4= 11)

    3. The bombing in Madrid occured 3.11.2004 ( 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 +4=11)

    4. The tradegy in Madrid happend 911 days after the twin towers tragedy.

    Now to something even more strange:

    The most known symbol from USA after the stars and the stripes are the eagle.

    This is taken from the Islams religious book The koran

    >> "For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome
    >> Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of
    >> Allah and while some of the people trembled in despair still more
    >> rejoiced: For the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and
    >> there was peace."

    >> That was vers nr 9.11 in the Koran.

    You still think its just coincidences? Try this and see what you think

    Open Microsoft Word, and do this

    1. Type with big letters: Q33 NY. This is the numbers of the first plane that flew into Twin Towers.

    2. Mark Q33 NY

    3. Change size to 48

    4. Change the style to Windings or Windings 1

    SCARY isnt it??

    This freaked me out
    Nothing is impossible, the impossible only takes longer time!

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    Hey that is freaky!!

    It freaked me out too mate!!!

    How did you find out all that info???
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