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Thread: Good and Bad

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    Default Good and Bad

    I read a post earlier today. I searched but cannot find it to reply.
    It was stated (loosely) that good requires bad in order to create balance.
    I see the wisdom of these words. For many days this contemplation
    Must have saved the sanity of mankind over and again. But I do not
    Believe that god requires scenes of grossness, greed and fear to see
    How it be. A great being or presance that exists in perfect harmony, is
    just that, self sustained.

    Spin a wheel, and you will see.

    So if you look a little deeper into our consciousness, you may then find this as a
    Trick. The creation or realization of an illusion, that we as a mass consciousness
    have formed into our (3rd density/dimensional) reality.

    We are all created in the image of god, by the substance that is god.
    So, contemplate That that is god. Divine love? Divinity? All loving?
    All wise? The burning bush, I am that that I am (ring a bell?)

    And to answer why the wheel stopped spinning.

    We fell, due to our own mis-creation and mis-use of free will and manifestation.
    But god is reaching out to us, and from what I read here And around us.
    We are reaching back.

    If you have ever known anybody that works on the high tension electricity wires
    You would know that it is necessary to raise the body voltage so they don’t get zapped.
    That’s why sometimes we cry. We have not yet raised the energy to allow god to
    Touch us, in comfort and loving knowingness. In all the support that is offered
    Freely. All the reasons that separate us, may be dissolved, if you call it to be
    Dissolved. Imagine the rejoice in the heavens if this prayer where to go forth
    And become. For those who watch over us, to now walk with and amongst us.

    We have called for help/assistance from something/someone higher, our calls, and our prayers. But there is a lot of energy up there. It has to be balanced. Same as the electricity guys. Check out “star man by David bowie”. There is a lot of energy in pips, we have all contemplated the same simulator, and it’s vast and huge. Again when we are talking
    About huge levels of energy, smaller resistances start to blow (like fuses) ie the “me”
    In self, then balanced by I really want to help “you” to, and then I just earned
    How much? This cannot be grasped, or put into a box. It simply may be in
    All it’s glory, a continuous flow. As in all life. Call forth that life flows.

    So of course things have to be adjusted and old things dissolved. And in agreeance
    With previous posts, we do create the energy and the path.

    I have posted this to create a little more light. I want to re-grow the forests of this
    World. And right now, this great body of wealth, energy and people is the way, and I
    Call forth the life. It is the divine right to do so.

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    Thanks water. The post you ae asking for, must be the one about the level of hate at TG. Go to Pips Program.

    Yes, receiving love and good things demands a "higher" energy. It's about worthyness, feeling valuable.

    Unfortunately, the negative sometimes goes more easily than the positive. Positive action often demands active choices or a decision. When we leave matters to their own forces we normally know what will happen. It can be very hard to pull yourself together. Sometimes you just have to work a little bit to achieve things. We need to raise our energy to a higher level, to be abel to do that.

    Pips or not Pips is really a fight between the good and the bad. Who will win? I'll sure do my part not to allow the negative forces to win.

    Our thoughts creates energy. I have a choice: I can turn the negativity and level of frustration inside of me toward others, towards myself or simply let go of it. Be responsible for my own actions and solve the real issue behind it all instead.

    Sadly most of us turns anger and negativity in general, against others or ourselves, before we manage to be responsible for it and listen to the real reson behind it. Wich is not always obvious.

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    Wow some great stuff guys. Nice to see you are there extending the thoughts which do allow this thing with the negativity to get transformed into raw energy again which we can use for repairing this ship which will sail out of this phase.

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    Any new topic, unrelated to the PIPs & Bryan Marsden trial will have to be created & posted in the correct Forum in ROLClub.

    I am closing this thread and all that are related to the Marsdens/PIPS/Hallotto disguise deceit. For returning members wanting to trace or track related posts concerning the current development some call it a stupid saga, a farce and even a silly & endless waste of time, well whatever anyone feels opinionated by their individual viewpoints or argument, the Trial on the Marsdens is NOT over and far from closure hence, a main sticky thread will cater to that attention

    at this link>>>:

    Any further new threads open just for the sake of an individual's ignorance to the progress surrounding the Marsdens or the Trial or anything else on PIPS or PicPay and all the parties involved will find their newly created thread deleted. Issues related to the past and further back in the past, will be posted in the above thread, click that and stay there with your submitted posts please. This is a start of some pruning and spring cleaning on the PIPS related Forum.

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