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    Default The NOW...and...FOREVER...

    The NOW...and FOREVER...

    First of all, I would like to thank YOU all for your support and caring thoughts in my most difficult and hardest times...
    Thank You!! keep the memory of leading light in life...I will here try to refer to her very own thoughts or more correct her gospel of LIFE...Love Is ALL..and True Love is DIVINE...reach for the Higher Love that is abundant inside all of us...because this will overcome the trauma of our Collective Mind...the MIND MATRIX...that we all have created by THINKING... instead of RESPONDING to Our Innermost Feelings of the ETERNAL VIBRATION Of LOVE in wich we ALL were created...and...which also summarizes ALL OF LIFE....Our Life...each and everyone of us have this strenght inside of us...known to many as the CHAKRAS...the seven channels to the Universe that ALL of US have within Our very beingness...And...which connects us ALL to the Eternal Beingness which created Us from the very beginning...and also connects us to by a volumetric Matrix of communication channels in a very precise system of discovered and explained by Quantum with many other TRUTHS...Confirm that we all came from a higher Civilization wich was destroyed by our own Creations and misapplications of the Universal Laws of Existence.

    We are now approaching a critical point again....will we make it..or will we break it?

    The OLD TRUTH like: "United We'll Stand...Divided We'll Fall"...applies very much to the current situation we face now.

    It's In the Nick of reach into ourselves and find the very essence of life...The LOVE in wich we were created...Be Aware of it...Feel It...and Use again be UNITED in the FEELING OF LOVE FOR ALL THAT IS CREATED.

    Sooo...Folks....Instead of Feeding the Collective Mind...The MIND MATRIX of this civilization AND earlier Civilizations that thinking...arguing...and/or commenting/responding to the "Great THINKERS": of all negativity, ignorant of the Higher meaning of love and Understanding of Passion, Empathy and True Sharing....
    ...why not instead reach inside your self and find the LOVE...the Forgiving Agent...and ..acually forgive these caracters for their lack of passion...lack of understanding...their Ignorance of the meaning of Eternal just sending them good vibrations...that THEY are in this drama TOGETHER with all of us...and Together direct our attention towards THE REAL ENEMY HERE... the MIND MATRIX... explained below:

    (Excerpt from "The Teachings of Celestina")
    The Mindmatrix
    This is something with which few will be familiar, yet it is an important element in earthly existence. A fish has its being in the element of water, while humans have theirs in the element of air. The fish is not conscious of the water it swims in, nor, as they go about their daily lives, are humans conscious of the air they breathe.

    Likewise, the metaphysical aspect of human individuals has its existence in a metaphysical element consisting of energies in which individuals are immersed. Energy follows thought and so this metaphysical 'sea' of energy, sometimes called the 'thought sea', is being continually influenced, coloured and modified by the mental output of human minds.

    This sea, which I will call the 'Mindmatrix', to avoid misunderstanding, is not to be confused with the universal consciousness. The former is on a lower vibratory level than the latter. The mindmatrix impinges on the transitional plane. An understanding of it will provide the answer for the 'Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon' and for the fact that two or more inventors, unknown to the other or others, will concurrently come up with the same idea. Likewise with theories such as that of evolution, which was the simultaneous product of two minds working in isolation from each other.

    Unfortunately, if worthwhile ideas are disseminated via the mindmatrix, so are other less wholesome concepts which afflict humanity, spawned there.

    The mindmatrix may be conceived as a great pool containing elements emanated from the thoughts and emotions of all human beings, be they good or bad. The amalgamation of these elements establishes the prevailing nature of the mindmatrix, which, in turn, influences the thoughts and emotions of individuals. Thus, there is an interchange between the energies within the mindmatrix and human minds.

    Some people are very sensitive to these influences and open to any adverse effects; others, having a more effective metaphysical immune system, are much less subject to such influences. Human individuals draw from the mindmatrix that with which they have an affinity, so there is a compounding situation. The 'good' attract that which is good and repulse that which is bad, while the 'bad;' attract that which accords with their nature and repulse that with which they are incompatible. The latter speak truly when they say that 'their thoughts are not their own', but seeking to excuse themselves on such grounds carries no weight, for they have chosen to be as they are and to attract what to others is unattractive.

    While human beings are beginning to concern themselves with the pollution of their environment, the contamination of the air and poisoning of their waters, they are oblivious of the effects of their mental outpourings on the metaphysical element in which their subtle-self lives.

    Yet this can be just as detrimental to their wellbeing. I will now introduce two words from the earthlore of the past, which can be adapted to serve in this context: they are Beneficia and Maleficia. The first will refer to the positive and wholesome thoughts and emotions that humans introduce into the mindmatrix through their mental activities. The second will refer to the negative and unwholesome thoughts and emotions introduced. The poured out mental elements of Beneficia and Maleficia may be said to colour or discolour the purity of the elemental energies inherent in the mindmatrix.

    The elements with which individuals have an affinity are drawn out of the mindmatrix by a kind of metaphysical osmosis; each is attracted towards that with which he or she corresponds. This means, of course, that all individuals are capable of protecting themselves, because the strength of their metaphysical immune system is in direct ratio to their unwillingness to attract adverse elements.

    What are good thoughts and what are bad ones is not something to be decided in an arbitrary manner, nor does the standard vary from one individual to another in accordance with individual interpretations.

    Conscience alone is a fallible guide; something more is required, and this is a diligent study of the teachings of which mine form a compatible part. Everyone believes his or her own concept of good to be the right one, but this is just another human fallacy. The subject of good and evil is a very complex one indeed and a matter worthy of very careful consideration.
    Few people are good enough to be completely free of adverse influences from the mindmatrix. There are always moments of weakness when even the best are caught off guard. Of course, the opposite applies too, undesirable characters may also open themselves on occasions to the influences of Beneficia. Society at large is influenced by the prevailing colourations of the mindmatrix; thus, when a critical number of people share common thoughts and attitudes this becomes the social atmosphere in which all will live.

    The metaphysical atmosphere of the mindmatrix a couple of generations ago was quite different from that existing today. So society was different, there were different mores and, sad to say, it was better. Materially, of course, you are much better off today, but a climate of affluence is not conducive to bringing out the best in human beings. Yet there is hope in the fact that many are seeking truth through spirituality; unfortunately, there is a tendency to expect easy answers, instant enlightenment. Spiritual truth has a very high price and to settle for the cheap imitation, the spurious copy, will never satisfy and will leave a residue of disillusionment and cynicism.

    So you have a generation declining through affluences and lack of inspirational guidance, obsessed by sex and consequently continually contributing to the contamination of the energy field in which its superphysical part exists.

    Can you wonder that your society is sick and seems to have lost all sense of right and wrong?

    Anti-social attitudes and concepts are promoted by popular acceptance, or allowed to flourish through dull, deadly apathy. Even well-intentioned legislation contributes to the moral decline.

    Minds, attitudes and perspectives are coloured by what is absorbed from the mindmatrix, and the latter is far from being what it should be.
    SOOO...Instead of Feeding this Collective Mind with MORE negativity...( defined as ANY thought ...Expression ...or Action....lacking the vibration of Love Divine...) we could embrace eachother with the Eternal doing so...make a TOTAL PARADIGM SHIFT....replacing the MIND Matrix with a Better one...the New Matrix....The Matrix of Love Divine...OUR CIVILIZATIONS MATRIX ....again aligned to the Cosmic One...the universal consciousness...resonating in its vibration with the Eternal Vibration of Love...AGAIN...
    Wouldn't this be a more creative and rewarding way of using our Attention units...?
    It's Only MY OWN Thoughts...


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    Thank you Largo!

    You have indeed been away and presumably, gathering a whole range of mind and self study thoughts that now appear to be a retrospect of that worthy absence we all can learn and emulate from the wisdom this journey has taken you across. Wonderful... one can always feel the essence and value inside such richness to become enlighten ... thank you and welcome back!

    YB. - Cheers to your thoughts and well-being...

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    Hi Again Folks,

    As Finances seems to be THE SUBJECT discussed in lenght All Over...I've found some very interesting observations regarding this...

    After a long period of struggling with the ups and downs of living, I've Again come to the conclusions that it's better to communicate MORE not less....and...I've also AGAIN discovered that it's better to seek MORE connection than staying out of touch...further...I'm now more convinced than ever of the truth and power of togetherness when facing difficulties...and last But Not Least...Unrestricted Sharing, Caring and Loving is the way to handle any and all trouble on the road Back To Paradise...

    so here I'm Sharing some information I've found regarding the subject of finances...

    there is a very old, but still very powerful rule that says "As above, so below"....

    Above here means the spirit or energy side of things, and below is the evidence we see as physical objects.... explained below in an article by David Cameron CEO of, reflecting this very crucial aspect of the Mind Matrix...

    The Dark Dynamics of Debt and Fear

    Debt. Who isn't in it nowadays? It seems to have captured almost everybody these days. Individuals are in debt, companies are in debt, even nations are in debt. And this debt is collapsing on people, companies and countries. The question is why are we playing the debt game? Who said we have to play it? When did it start? How can you get out and ahead of it and not be swallowed by it?

    In this article, we are not going to look at the cosmetic reasons behind debt, nor the cosmetic fixes to it. We are not going to look at how to cut down your business expenses, put your credit card in water and freeze it in your freezer, or do anything else cosmetic to get out of debt. These tactics have their place, and they are useful in certain situations. But right here, we will look at the root cause and root solution. Let us begin.

    First of all, let us define money. Money is the energy of exchange or transfer of value. It is neither good not bad, it just is. You build wealth by building some type of value within you, and then extending this value outside of you. For example, you can learn to be a doctor, and thereby build that type of value within you. Or you can learn how to start a business that provides a service to people. You build value within you, and then you extend that outside, through trade or other means, and in exchange of that extension you are compensated with cash money. Cash money is merely an exchange of value within and between beings. See, money in itself is neither good nor bad. It is just an exchange of the underlying values between two or more participants.

    So where does debt come into the scene? And why? Ok, it is time for a history lesson. I am sure you all know that before cash money was invented in it's present form, people used to trade by barter. They would exchange goods. Finally, one day, a powerful merchant family said "We have another way we can do this". I believe it was the Medici family of Florence, although the Romans and other civilizations also had their own coins. Anyway, the first paper money worked as follows. A trader would go exchange his or her goods for gold. They then take this gold to deposit it with the Medici, and the Medici write up a paper with their signature and seal, a paper that would represent the gold that was deposited with them. This solved various security and portability issues and increased trade. This paper, upon return to the Medici, would be exchanged into its gold equivalent. That is where the gold standard came from.

    Now let us look at debt. Imagine that the Medici have just opened up their first bank and announced the new scheme to the traders. So one trader, let us call him Alan, goes to the Medici and deposits $100 worth of gold. The Medici makes up a paper saying that this paper was exchangeable for $100 worth of gold upon its return (less a banking fee, plus an interest, whatever). Alan takes this paper and goes home. Alan can use this paper to buy things, but let us assume he does not. Now James, another guy, wants to start a new business, a hotel. He has the land and building but needs some pots and pans. He does not have any goods to trade in exchange for pots and pans, but he hears the Medici are giving loans.

    So James goes to the Medici and asks for a $100 loan. The Medici say they can do that, but James has to pledge his land and building as a security, collateral, in case of default. The Medici make up money (money that did not exist) on paper, sign and seal it, and give it to James. The condition is that on return, James has to give back $100 plus $10 interest. Now freeze right there. Imagine that James and Alan are the Medici's only two customers at the time. Which means that the economy only has two paper notes out there, one with Alan and one with James. And James has to return his plus $10. Where will James get that $10, unless Alan comes and rents a room at James' hotel for $10? The Medici did not print the extra $10! So even if James is hyper-careful with his loan, even if he does not spend it but returns it after a year intact, it is physically impossible for him to pay the $10 interest, because he cannot print the extra money and Alan does not want to spend his, yet Alan is the only one with the only other note printed! Do you see the error in this system?

    Even if James now has goods to trade, he cannot trade them for paper money because there is no more out there. James will have to lose his hotel to the Medici simply because of a paper shortage error. Debt, by its very nature, is designed to fail for a certain percentage of the population, no matter how much effort or care they put! And it is so simply because there is not enough money created for the interest requested. The only reason this illusion has managed to run this far is that there are millions of players.
    Every now and then, the debt bubble bursts, but someone somewhere comes and rescues it, again with more debt and more conditions of control. It happens to individuals, companies and countries. And it keeps rising, getting bigger and bigger.

    So what? What does this mean to you? Simple. As you are about to see next, debt is a function of control and hence fear. Give me a minute and you will see why. Read on. Debt is a product of fear, and a deep seated belief in not having and not being able to have. And fear is a means of control. We all play the control game. We play it with our spouses, family, friends, competitors, customers, and so on. What happens when you feel that you are in control of another person? You feel powerful, and they feel drained. But, there is a rule that say "As above, so below". The physical is evidence of the spiritual. Fear, were you to observe it at an energy level, leads to the victimizer sucking the energy out of the victim. It is an energy game. When one is in fear, they lose energy to those who put fear into them. Isn't that the way any abusive relationship works? It does not matter whether this relationship is between people, institutions or countries.

    Before we look at you further, let us consider the mortgage game that many of us play. Mortgage. What does that word mean? Where does it come from? Split it up and look at its origins. Mort, muerto, mortuary, morgue... do you see the root? Gage, engage. Engaged till death. Why would your house loan be called a name that has its word origins from the words that mean death and engagement? Why those two? Of all the millions of words, why those two?

    The English language was built up by deriving words primarily from Latin. And Latin came from the Romans, a nation that inherited much of its wisdom from the Greeks who in turn got a lot from the original Egyptian civilization, all of which had one common ancestor, the wise Hermes Trismegistus, the same person known as the Egyptian and Greek god Thoth, the same person known in Christian and Jewish history as the powerful Enoch, one of only three men in the Bible to end their life on earth by simply rising to the skies and disappearing.

    This is the same person who invented language and writing, geometry and architecture.

    This is the same person whose teachings ended up forming the Essene school, the same one that Pythagorus and Jesus studied under.

    And a core Hermetic teaching is this: As Above, So Below. And the language invented was designed to reflect this law. Above here means the spirit or energy side of things, and below is the evidence we see as physical objects.

    Now let us get back to you and debt. What does debt make you feel; especially when you cannot pay it or you are worried about how to pay it or missing a payment? It makes you feel fear. Whatever is scaring you is attempting to control your thoughts and actions and is stealing your energy for its own growth.

    There are two ways to grow. Out of fear and out of love. The fear-based growth works, but it is destined for eventual collapse, simply because it is not real. Nothing real can be threatened, and nothing that is unreal exists but as an illusion. This is not the time to blame the issuers of debt, or anyone else for that matter. There is no judgment or guilt in the matter. Only energetic facts. The minute you start playing a blame and judgment game, you enter into a victim position, and that is no good for you.

    And the fact is this: debt is a function of fear and self-worth issues. You will find that people with more love of their own self, and high self-esteem, are very wealthy and prosperous, especially on the long-term, and if they choose to be. Prosperity is a natural result of love and self-worth. Look at the rich. Even if they have debt, their asset column is longer than their debt column. They only use debt as a tool. And they always have more assets than debt.
    And what is their demeanor like?

    Confident, stable, of high self-worth and self-esteem, and their love column is often longer than their fear column. They may have fears, of course, but their fears do not outweigh their love and passion for who they are, what they do, the world they live in.

    Now consider people with debt problems, or countries with debt problems. What is the personality of such people? Chaos, fear, never having enough, support issues, and so on. These do not arise because of debt. The debt arises because of these mental states. That is not a bad thing. Remember, we are not judging anything here. We are merely observing energetic facts. There is no need of tying a thought and an emotion to that fact. Now, the debt merely represents them losing their life energy to an external entity. But they only lose it because they accept to do so. Only they can say "I accept". And only they can say "OK, I have had it with this crap, I put my foot down, and I am now seeing myself differently."

    The debt rope is always being thrown at us all the time. You don't have to grab it. The world has built a very large global fear-ego, and this fear-ego is expressing itself in various physical means to maintain itself. Our world is now a world of contracts that try to commit you into debt (we now even have phone contracts that penalize you for not using the service for a certain amount of time!); credit cards that do the same; jobs that scare you towards that end.

    But none of these are to blame. Only you can accept them. And they can only work on you when you accept them. These big bad monsters are rubber ducks, because they depend on your agreement with them for their own functioning. Take responsibility, and you will find then, and only then, that you have response ability. And avoid these debt traps. You must unplug yourself from the group consciousness of the Fear Ones, and join the Love Ones. It may be scary as you make the switch, for there is a gap to cross.

    Things may fall off to make space for new ones of the new way. But once you cross it you will wonder how you ever had agreed to live any other way.
    There is nothing wrong with debt, when used as a tool. But when it arises, as it mostly does, from fear and negative self-worth beliefs, then it is a control game being played, a painful one at that. A game we created and continue to create.

    Arises out of fear and belief in inadequacy. Arise out of issues with negative self-worth. Recognize that there is a game being played. An energetic game with simple rules. As above, so below. Change your above, and your below will change automatically. You have free will, and you are the master of your world.

    Make your choices knowing that each one of them must have a root, and there are only two possible roots you can choose from: love or fear. Only one is real, and the other is an illusion. I wish you the best in everything.

    Article written by David Cameron, CEO
    Sooo...Do YOU want to change this part of the Global Matrix....and get out of the "Death Engagement..."?

    Just let me know...and I'll keep on The SHARING of Interesting articles and information I've found ...that imho...will lead us Back To Paradise...

    Sooo...what do you say...shall I continue...?

    It's OUR Mutual Knowledge...once originated in the Past...Rediscovered and Communicated again...

    Stay Tuned...


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    Soo Folks...
    What seems to be the solution for Changing the Mind Matrix into a better one....we all need to work at Our "Individual Above...."

    I'll start this out by introducing some more of David Cameron's Articles...
    David Cameron the CEO of have collected a
    huge amount of knowledge of how to better one self spiritually ...Our "Individual Above"...
    so let's start with the Foundation for our Beingness....The Root Chakra...
    The root chakra

    We continue with our introduction into the transforming,
    healing and empowering your life working directly on the
    chakras and energy bodies. Today, we are looking at the root

    Name :=: Location :=: Body Parts it Supports :=: Issues It

    Root :=: Between genitals and anus :=: Feet and legs, bones,
    immune system, body support, spine base, etc :=: Family and
    social belonging, safety and order, basic survival, standing
    up for oneself, etc

    Being the energy center that is connected with family and
    social belonging, this chakra is involved with emotional
    grounding and stability, a sense of belonging. This center
    thrives on the universal law that we are all one. Any time
    you accept a belief contrary to this truth, or think, speak
    and act contrary to this truth, you block its proper
    functioning. Any time you embrace this truth in belief,
    thought, words, and actions, you boost its power to ever-
    higher levels.

    This is the first center to develop in your life. Your first
    seven years of your life have this center as the major cycle
    chakra, and the first year of your life has it as the theme
    chakra. Therefore, you will find that your view of the world
    is generally formed by what you chose to accept as true from
    the relationship you had with your family, society and
    environment in your first seven years of life on earth.
    More often than not, people were taught both through
    experienceand 'teaching' that the world is not safe and it requires
    struggle to survive. This is obviously totally contrary to
    the universal truth that we are all one, safe and abundant.
    You must therefore correct this base belief and heal this
    chakra. Those who buy into such a view of the world always
    experience this as their truth.

    Remember also that this chakra is the center that empowers
    you to stand up for yourself. You cannot escape the ill
    effects of the first seven years of your life by just saying
    "it wasn't my fault, my parents and society made me fall
    into that false limiting belief". That was the only thing
    your parents and society knew at the time, with all their
    own fears that they harbored.

    As you will come to see, youselected your parents and
    environment very specifically, so that they may trigger in
    you the very essences you wished tocome to earth to transform.
    You helped plan thesepossibilities before your own birth, even
    though you now have no memory of your pre-birth activities.
    Feeling victimized is only going to make it worse for you. This
    software will help you heal in the right way, but basically
    the way to do it is to accept responsibility, face your dark
    side and embrace it. Why? Because you have an inner child
    that you disowned a long time ago and this inner child must
    now be put in its rightful position of splendor. This inner
    child is what was 'victimized' in your first seven years.

    You came into this world full of innocence, faith, inner
    power and love, and slowly you were told "you are not good
    enough, you are doing this or that all wrong, and you are in
    danger, and so on" until you bought these false truths. You
    started seeing yourself, your inner child, as the cause of
    the harm you experienced, the cause of the rejection you
    were experiencing.

    Then your ego developed an inner critic
    that took the job of criticizing you so that you never again
    experience those first rejections. Hence you yourself ended
    up disowning and hiding your inner child. And to this day
    you criticize and disown your original inner child, the key
    to your peace and power.

    Your inner child needs to come to the forefront and know
    that it was perfect all along, nothing was wrong with it.
    Yes, it is still there. And it is still perfect, created in
    the image and likeness of the First Force, the Creator! But
    you have forgotten all that; your inner child has been
    denied. And it has been rejected by your ego. You now
    identify with your ego and inner critic and hide away your
    inner child. You are split and this has made you weak.

    There is no way of getting back your inner child, your original
    perfect self, unless you forgive yourself, and all those you
    say harmed you, and embrace all your sides, dark and light.
    If you do not forgive, you merely enhance the idea in your
    mind that the transgression was real and justified, and so
    it will continue to harm you. That scary beast you hold in
    your mind in your past only looks big because you believe it
    is. Face it and you will see it is as thin as a veil, as
    light as smoke, and as harmless as a rubber duck.

    And as you may have heard from many famous and heroic
    people in the past, the dark (hidden, unexplored) side always
    holds a verypowerful gift once you face it and embrace it.
    In an interesting way, this chakra is about belonging but it
    is also about standing up for yourself. This raises some
    confusion among some people. Do they remain loyal to their
    social group at the expense of their own personal will,
    individuation and truth? Should loyalty through sacrifice be
    expected? The answer is simple. Love does not bind, it
    frees. Fear binds. They are exact opposites.

    As cruel as it may sound, we are all one, but each
    answerable to themselves and only themselves.
    Guilt is a thing made up by the ego
    mind to trap you and limit you. Nothing harms a
    person more than feeling guilty or imposing
    guilt on another.

    Guilt robs of our God-given perfect worth and power. It
    calls for punishment. Punishment is never a good teacher,
    for how can you teach that violence is bad when you use
    violence to correct the violence? Consequence teaches, love
    heals, but punishment and guilt imprison the mind. Besides,
    we are one.

    Guilt can only happen as a reality if we hadseparate wills.
    But in a system of One, there is no separate
    will. When you fully understand the law of cause and effect,
    you will see that it is impossible for something to happen
    to someone unless the 'victim' has accepted the energy
    pattern of the 'crime' in his or her mind and now needs an
    event to lead to its experience and eventual healing. This
    mental error could have been done in this life or a previous

    This is where the big picture comes in. Guilt enforces
    the idea of victimization, which takes away responsibility
    and response-ability, and that never leads to true healing.
    It may dodge the issue temporarily, but it will not
    permanently wipe it out. And as long as you feel guilty, you
    will never feel deserving and hence you will never get
    ahead. And as long as you hold another person guilty, you
    will hold the belief in your mind that you were a victim and
    you will experience victimization in other forms. Your only
    way out is embracing, facing it, finding the lesson in both
    the positive and negative side of the issue, embracing both
    sides, and forgiving yourself and all parties involved.

    Now, ultimately you will need to separate yourself from the
    group thought that is held by your society if you wish to
    grow faster. As you can now see, everyone has their own
    belief patterns that determines how their life turns out.
    And each group has its own group consciousness. When you are
    plugged into this group thought, you experience its effects
    and limitations. To grow further, you must unplug from it
    and have your own. Sometimes this may scare you, especially
    when it means that you physically separate from your group
    in order to disconnect.

    This chakra is what grounds us tothe earth and gives us
    a sense of belonging. This is the upside. The downside is
    that as you grow and especially when you start developing
    your sixth and seventh chakras, you may need to unplug
    your loyalty to your group and its particular
    grounding, losing one belonging so that you may find
    another. You should not reject your group, but you
    may need to lovingly release it.

    You definitely have to let it go whenever its beliefs contradict
    your truth and call upon you to be loyal to what you hold
    as false at the expense of what you hold as true.
    At this point, if you do not release it,
    you are bound to face some health issues or
    life situation problems related to this chakra.

    David Cameron, CEO of
    So My Friends...
    it seems that we are All ONE....and in our struggles
    and debatings during this Pips Saga..we've all to some degree...
    been bashing , disliking, namecalling, degrading and even
    been hating some caracters...and...according to the
    above been doing this to OURSELVES

    to REALLY accomplish a CHANGE in the Mind Matrix...
    we all need to look ourselves in the mirrow...and try to justify
    the kind of game that we as citizens of this planet are involved
    in right now....Bashing eachother/ourselves,
    Namecalling eachother/ourselves, and...
    even disconnecting...ourselves from Ourselves...
    NOT communicating ...

    How Will This Help all of us to make a change
    in the Mind Matrix...?

    We ALL KNOW What to do...Don't We?
    This Helps A LOT....
    ...AND...This is for FREE...;)
    ...Are you a Budding Writer like me?...
    here's some FREE help...;)

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    OK Folks,
    Now we are moving upwards body wise...and into the area of relationships, personality,
    power, control, and money....somewhat interesting don't you think!
    Just grasp what David Cameron has to say regarding these matters Quite MINDBLOWING ...I can assure You!
    the sacral chakra
    We continue with our introduction into the transforming,
    healing and empowering your life working directly on the
    chakras and energy bodies. Today, we are looking at the
    sacral chakra.
    Name :=: Location :=: Body Parts it Supports :=: Issues It
    Sacral :=: Upper end of pubic :=: Sexual organs, pelvis,
    large intestines, appendix, bladder, hips, lower vertebrae,
    etc :=: Creation and sexuality. Power, control, money, etc
    This energy center deals with relationships, personality,
    power, control, and money. This is the next step after the
    tribal nature of the first chakra. It is the next stage in
    development that calls for you to define your individual
    power within the context of the world around you.
    Healthy development in this center enables you to find your
    own in-built unlimited power within. It enables you to build
    your own security and abundance and feel safe and confident
    doing so. And it leaves you feeling comfortable and wholly
    accepting of your sex, sexuality, and capable of having
    healthy and balanced relationships. In all, your self-worth
    is found within you, in vast quantities.

    Unhealthy development here leaves you feeling powerless,
    first and foremost. Whenever you accept the belief that your
    self-worth is dependent on external factors such as how much
    money you have, what people think about you, or anything
    like that, you literally give away your own power to
    external forces. You bleed power and hence you are left
    powerless. The most damaging aspect of this powerlessness is
    that it makes you blind to the fact that only you can fix
    yourself, ultimately. And as long as you do not accept your
    own power, you will be unable to empower your own healing.
    Your life force knows this and whenever you give away your
    power to an external factor, your spirit eventually tries to
    get it back by placing you in a situation where you are
    forced to face your false beliefs and see the errors in your
    thinking. For example, many people believe their self-worth
    is defined by their money. There is nothing wrong with
    money. But when you put your worth in it your self-worth
    tends to fluctuate with your bank balance. This is no good
    for spirit, which knows its self-worth to be infinite

    When you give it away in this way, you block the
    path of your own growth ability because you inevitable feel
    powerless when your finances are low. So eventually spirit
    will find a way to heal this belief if you don't do it
    yourself. One way it could do that is by attracting a
    situation where money cannot save you and you have to find
    within yourself the power you thought you never had. Once
    you find it, usually after some grief, you realize a whole
    new higher level of living!

    A great number of the richest
    people out there have gone through such a stage and you will
    often hear their rags to riches stories, their testimony of
    the fact that wealth is an inside job. Of course, you can
    learn all this consciously instead of having to learn
    through crisis. Learning through suffering is unnecessary
    and only happens to those who live unconsciously, and
    especially to those who are stubborn yet unconscious. The
    awakening mind listens within and requires no painful events
    to force it to focus.

    This is also the chakra that deals with relationships. A
    healthy relationship is founded on honor and equality. No
    partner leans into the other, or binds them. Love never
    binds, only fear does. Freedom lies in loves realm, while
    fear rules over the idea of boundaries because of its fear
    of loss. A healthy relationship recognizes that each person
    has a path and does not try to interfere with that path,
    especially because it knows not what the path is. As you can
    begin to see, love requires that you sacrifice nothing that
    you do not wish to without reservation. And a true
    relationship is wholly accepting without judgment. At that
    point a relationship serves its true purpose to enable
    mutual growth and enjoyment. The state of your relationships
    will always reflect your inner state. Relationships are a
    mirror. Once you start to see this you can rapidly advance
    your growth simply by asking "why is this person in my life,
    what reflection am I seeing of myself?" You attract people
    who show you what your obvious and your hidden qualities
    are. Often, the thing you hate about another person is the
    hidden self you have disowned sometime in your past.

    For example, John hates people who he judges as weak. If he
    were to look at his own past or childhood, he would find one
    situation where he was criticized for his compassion and
    kindness by someone he wanted approval from. Let us assume
    that this was a father who wanted him to be strong. His
    father tried to make him strong by criticizing his
    compassion and kindness, calling it weakness. Over time, he
    hated himself for his 'weakness' and built a strong outer
    shell to avoid further criticism and get approval from his
    father. He buried the original inner child deep within. This
    inner disowned self is a complete personality that wishes to
    be accepted again and brought to the surface. So it keeps
    bringing along people who will trigger a re-make of that
    past situation so that John may embrace and accept this
    quality in others and therefore in himself. So John keeps
    finding himself increasingly surrounded by 'weak' people.
    Even his own son may have the very qualities he detests so
    he repeats his father's teachings on his own son even when
    he doesn't wish to. Eventually, if he does not listen to his
    inner child and embrace all aspects of himself, he one day
    finds himself in a situation where he is almost forced to
    admit he has the very qualities he hates. Once he does, he
    finds that these qualities are very welcome and useful in
    certain situations and he was going through life half-baked
    because of disowning his compassionate and kind selves.
    Also, by forgiving his father he finds a gift in the actions
    of his father in that they made him develop a strong drive
    to go after what he desired with courage and persistence. So
    finally his dark and light sides meet and find that together
    they are greater than the sum of the parts.

    This chakra is also the sex center. Sex is something that
    the divine left us with on earth to get in touch with our
    spirit. At a particular moment in sex, you literally become
    timeless, experience the eternal moment of Now, and touch a
    blissful aspect of your self that is usually covered by the
    daily grind. It is also the highest possible physical
    expression of love. And the health benefits of sex are
    documented to be vast, from age reversal to stress release
    to complex 'good hormones' releases. Such a powerful thing
    cannot be disowned without some powerful consequences. Any
    shame, guilt, resentment, fear, conflict, and negativity
    towards sex will show up as various aspects of impotence.
    It is no wonder that people with negative attitudes, guilt,
    shame, judgments, criticism, and fears towards sex often
    have self-worth issues that surface either as power,
    control, money or sexual impotence conditions. And vice
    versa. Power struggles, money struggles, individuality
    problems, and control issues in any aspect of life tend to
    manifest as sexual problems such as impotence. And cultural
    restrains have really not helped either. Several studies
    have shown that in cultures where there are no stigmas and
    shame attached to sexuality have almost no cases of sexual
    crimes, sexual dysfunctions and sexual diseases. Free your
    mind. Sexual liberation is not a 'bad thing'.

    Watch your labels and judgments, for they tend to affect you
    exactly as you call them. Bring to the light and erase all
    negativity, judgment and inner conflict you have towards sex
    and your sexuality, and do so as soon as possible before it
    breaks you down. This inner conflict over sex in our
    societies, where it is seen simultaneously as a good and bad
    thing, is correspondingly breaking people's lives. What
    message does your mind and body get when you have a belief
    that sex is shameful and/or bad, yet you enjoy it? What
    result do you expect? It is the same conflict with money. A
    person cannot possibly get wealthy if he or she believes
    that money is evil, bad or fearful to him or her, and yet
    wants and needs some of it. That inner conflict clearly
    shows itself outside. The law of cause and effect never

    Control is another aspect of this chakra. The paradox about
    control is that letting go is the higher way, the way that
    brings your life within your circle of influence. You gain
    control of your life by letting go of the need to control
    it. Control issues are simply a power struggle, and you
    would not need to struggle with power if you knew it to be
    irrevocably within you, placed there for eternity in vast
    quantities by your creator. You actually lose power the more
    you try to control external factors. All of life is given
    freedom. So what happens when you place your sense of power
    on something outside of you? You get into control battles.
    And because everything changes externally, you are bound to
    lose that battle some day. Yet there is no need for the
    battle. It is your attack and defense thoughts that increase
    your vulnerability and make you to literally lose yourself.
    Funny enough, when you are fully centered on your internal
    power, the external will follow you automatically. Letting
    go is one of the most paradoxically powerful capabilities we
    have! Learn detachment from what is happening at the moment
    of Now. It already Is, full of divine life. So how futile is
    it to try to change What Is Right Now, when you attempt to
    murder the moment you are in? And the statement you give out
    when you try to change What Is is that you disapprove of
    your self and all things divine, for nothing can Be without
    Life feeding it, and you are part of The One Life. There is
    only One of Us. The less you try to control people and
    things, the more power you will actually find yourself
    having. You will stop reacting and start creating. You will
    learn how to desire, intend, then detach yourself from the
    current occurrence, knowing that your desires and intent are
    guaranteed to come to life by universal law, but maybe in a
    way you never expected. The universe always gives us what we
    seek, answers us what we ask, but it uses infinite
    intelligence to deliver at the perfect time and through the
    perfect means, which are both often unpredictable to you
    unless you have attained a state of full awareness.

    A healthy second chakra makes you a powerfully creative
    being indeed! The amazing intelligence about life is that a
    creative idea, a desire, has inbuilt within it an
    intelligence that will bring about its manifestation. In the
    realm of eternity and infinity where all things arise, cause
    and effect are simultaneous and the idea or desire and its
    manifestation are birthed all at once; it is only in the
    physical dimension that the illusion of time makes us think
    there is a gap between anything. You need not worry about
    how an idea or desire will come to fruition. Simply take the
    first available opportunity, and the next one shows up. A
    desire attracts all the events and people necessary for it
    to come to being. The only thing that slows it is blockages
    in the chakras, not having a clean slate, so to speak, and
    letting past false ideas of littleness get in the way. This
    second chakra is the creative chakra that does the actual
    giving birth of ideas (and babies!). Another way that this
    chakra is blocked, with regards to creativity, is when you
    stop short of manifesting your creative ideas due to some
    form of fear. It is every important that all creative
    impulses are given birth to, manifested and acted up. The
    only healthy way to choose not to express your creativity is
    through a voluntary choice made from a standpoint of pure
    love that is untainted with fear of any sort.

    Children naturally feel the inner pull to explore this
    chakra's aspects when this chakra is most active in their
    growth as the major cycle chakra, which is from their 7th
    birthday (their 8th year) to their 15th birthday (the end of
    their 14th year). At that age they are often filled with
    awe, trying to find out things, create, and so on. Also,
    they start asking questions about sex. Now, it does not help
    that the parent lies about sexuality and makes it look evil,
    and then exerts over-the-top control on this child and
    denies them the chance to explore their individuality. In
    the name of doing good, they damage the child. A child can
    understand a great deal more than an adult thinks they can
    (we are souls with bodies, and all souls are eternal and
    ancient to 'varying degrees', so to speak), so speak the
    truth and answer the questions honestly as they come. In
    fact, a child is often ahead of the parent in some ways
    because the child has not collected up any fears and false
    beliefs that limit it. Nor does a child have an unhealthy
    inner critic, at least not a very dominant and damaging one.
    It is society that implants these damages in a child. Here
    is a truth you may have experienced personally: creativity
    cannot be blocked. If it does not find a natural answer and
    outlet that rings true inside to the individual, it will
    find an unnatural one. Choose wisely which you would rather
    have for yourself and your children. The worst thing that
    can happen in this chakra is probably to have creativity,
    inquiry, individuality and choice crushed. This thoroughly
    deforms a person and it can take a considerable amount of
    effort and awareness to go back to normal.

    Children come to us with new growth information from the
    spirit world. That is why evolution moves forward. Remember
    your history and look at where we are now. From the caves to
    the mansions, from the witch hunts to acceptance, and so on.
    Try your best not to enforce your ideas on your children as
    they often are tainted with fears (false evidence appearing
    real). Just because a child does not know your language or
    know how to use its body does not mean anything more than
    that. The child's soul may be a very old soul, and you can
    see that sometimes in many children who appear wise beyond
    their age. What a child needs most is love and acceptance of
    it as it is, without conditions. They need some guidance,
    but often we overdo it, just like it was done to us. Those
    first few years can take us a lifetime to correct their
    errors unless we are lucky enough to be given conscious
    steps to take.

    On the subject of sexuality, there has been a massive
    imbalance created over the last few thousand years. This has
    to do with the male/female equality and power. Over the last
    few thousand years, the word God has come to be manipulated
    to the point where people believe that God is a male being,
    yet at no point did 'He Himself' say 'he' was male. Consider
    the fact that God is All That Is, and nothing can exist
    outside of God. This encompasses all things, male, female,
    androgynous, sexless, inert, and active, you name it. God is
    not a personality, let alone one with a sex (male or
    female). Whenever God is asked "Who are you?" God has always
    answered "I Am That I Am". She, He, It and Everything else.
    All of life makes up the Sum of God, We Are All It, All One
    Process. The God/Goddess polarities of The Original First
    Force are just polarities that spring up here. The reason I
    am going into all this is that the world is highly
    imbalanced and leaning too much on the male energy and
    rejecting the female energy. The female energy is equally as
    powerful, but with a different yet complementary essence and
    power. You have to see that form arises from no-form, that
    allowance is equally as powerful and important as action. If
    you look at history, this male imbalance is very new, it did
    not exist several thousand years ago (we can actually trace
    its beginnings roughly around 8,000 B.C.).

    This imbalance
    was manipulated into place gradually. The truth is, your
    soul, your spirit, does not have a sex. It is not male or
    female. It is all things. It is only here on earth that you
    choose a polarity, like everything else, for the sake of
    experience. And that is a good thing; but the imbalance
    takes away this goodness and brings instead problems.
    We each have the male and female polarities within us,
    although we do have a general side that we lean to more than
    the other. But rejection of any one of the polarities causes
    a great imbalance in your life, no matter who you are.

    Simply look around society and see for yourself. Men who
    idolize 'the hard man' at the expense and rejection of
    femininity eventually suffer a lonely collapse when they
    inevitably end up in a situation where 'the hard man' cannot
    get them out of, a situation that calls for the female
    energy properties. And women who have believed that
    femininity is weakness and a curse end up suffering various
    forms of oppression and problems with their reproductive
    parts that manifest their belief that they are powerless. No
    one side of The One Source is any less than the other.
    Balance yourself, accept and embrace all your polarities.

    Females, do not buy even one iota of the idea that males are
    superior to you, more powerful than you, and put here to
    rule over you! The female energy is so powerful that
    experiencing it would leave you breathless! But the earth
    has not experienced it in recent millennia because we have
    denied its power. It is a power so strong yet so calm; a
    source from which creation springs effortlessly! Males are
    not superior in any way to women, nor are females superior
    in any way to men. Balance and embrace both and you will see
    an amazing transformation!

    This energy center can be blocked by a variety of past
    events that were unresolved. A common cause of blockage is
    any event that convinces a person that he or she is unable
    to have and use their own independent power and choices.
    Therefore, events such as physical or psychological rape,
    criticism of capabilities and ambitions (such as a parent
    who always tells their child that they will never make it in
    life or that their career choices are wrong), and denial of
    creative avenues all block this chakra. But they only block
    it if the recipient of such actions accepts these actions
    within and 'agrees' to become a victim mentally. No matter
    what happens externally, a person always has the unalienable
    right to choose how to handle the situation mentally in
    their own mind. Once a person says 'ok, I am a victim, I
    have been victimized', they give away their power to the
    event and the chakra is blocked. And the only way to reclaim
    that back is through both embracing their shadow and
    forgiveness, as explained in the forgiveness section of this

    Misperception of money is another way that this chakra gets
    blocked. This happens when you attach your sense of self-
    worth to money. When you do so, you give away your power to
    money. Therefore, your self-worth, power and life vitality
    fluctuates with your bank balance and, even worse, your
    fears of your future financial prospects. You literally
    'bleed' an incredible amount of energy this way because your
    mind is often worrying about your financial future if you
    have given away your power and self-worth to how much money
    you have. And one day, when your money takes a dip, you may
    find yourself in some much disempowered situation that may
    be coupled with illness in this chakra's corresponding body
    parts. But if your sense of self-worth is healthily
    contained within your infinite inner self, you will always
    be wholesome regardless of your financial affairs, and this
    will go a long way towards bringing you wealth and, if need
    be, getting you out of financial dips in a calm and rapid
    manner. Money is a very good thing, but it is forever your
    tool, at your beck and call, always responding exactly to
    what you say it is. When you tell it that it is an almighty
    force that you must struggle for, it becomes so. When you
    know yourself to be the creator of wealth, it becomes so.
    Remember, only about 4-6% of the world's money exists as
    paper and coins. The rest is all records on bank statements,
    invoices, accounts, and other such imaginary places.

    Literally, money is a maintained imagined count. About
    94-96% of the world's money is all pure smoke, electronic
    and paper numbers. Just numbers. The only reason the system
    works is because we all accept and believe it. And if you
    take a $100 bill and place it on a table and come back in a
    month, it will have done nothing on its own! It will just be
    sitting there. On its own it is powerless! Without you, it
    would sit on that table for centuries and accomplish
    nothing. Why then would you believe your power is tied to
    it? Money is a channel of prosperity, not a source. It can
    never be a source because it has no power to cause. It is an
    effect, not a cause. You, your Self, is the cause, the
    source of your prosperity. This confusion is a primary
    reason for poverty. This is what is meant by having money as
    a false god - placing your faith in what has no power on its
    own. Money is simply the channel through which your inner
    prosperity flows out and expresses itself physically.

    Another common way in which this chakra is blocked is when
    people sell themselves in various ways. This includes things
    such as doing a task that one does not really want to do but
    does it for the money or the recognition, or ignoring your
    heart and soul desire and instead doing something else for
    the sole reason of getting paid in some way or having some
    form of security.

    Now let us revisit power. How do you gain personal power? It
    is already within you in infinite quantities. You only do
    not experience it because the human race, ages ago at a time
    symbolically referred to as "the fall of mankind" in various
    religions (in the Bible this is in Genesis), decided to
    forget its origins. Over the years, we have been
    remembering, gradually but at an ever increasing rate. Your
    power is all within you, but you have to accept it and stop
    fearing it. The fear to look within, to know thyself, is a
    major blockage to power. The lack of self-love and love for
    others is yet another blockage. So, the more True Love you
    have, the more power you uncover. We are talking here of
    True Love, which is unconditional and accepting of All Life
    without question. This is also called divine love. The
    reason why this limitation is put into place is that without
    true love which is unconditional and wholly accepting, you
    would destroy yourself and others in an instant were you to
    have full access of your full power. The same goes for
    knowledge and wisdom. Here, this means knowing your True
    Self, a part of the Creator. This is the kind of wisdom that
    is denied no one, for it is within everyone who cares to
    look within, and thus the question of IQ does not even
    arise. Again, this is in place for your protection. So you
    can effectively say that Power, Love and Knowledge form a
    triangle and increasing any one of that triangle's sides
    will increase the others to a certain extent.
    In summary, as long as you honor yourself, humanity, your
    relations, and all life, you will be moving towards
    increasing this chakra's energies.
    David Cameron Gikandi
    So Folks...
    Why Not Decicde to be prosperous....forgiving ONESELVES...and ..start to BELIEVE in Oneself...
    Is this really so hard to do?

    Take Care

    This Helps A LOT....
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    Just A reflection of today
    I have... as my purpose in life...a two fold mission to complete....called "Heal Mother Earth"...and parellell to this..."Heal Ourselves"....whit the MOTTO..."Back To Paradise"....the Paradise we once had here on Planet Earth...but we screwed it up...but now we have the chance again to rebuild PARADISE here on Earth...but this time..we will make it stick FOREVER...

    Thanks to Bryan & Sharon and their us the dreams, the visions of a brighter future... and of course...many in this and other PIPSTER Forums expressing their thoughts and compassion....thanks to all of US...the MIND MATRIX is about to fact..IT IS CHANGING RIGHT NOW....more and more people are becoming aware of the REAL ISSUE regarding the degradation of our society driven by the very FEW .."The Greedy League"... but..this is now changing...more and more "Speak Up".. so to everyday life...friends to the the barbershop...on busses, trains and planes... creating a wave of HORROR in the Greedy League...that now are Running Around In Circles....followed by their Greedy Lawyers....suing every decent initiative that will make them powerless...

    All these NEW Thoughts...Expressed in this manner...over and over again ...WILL make the difference...this WILL change our Neurotic Collective Mind run be the Greedy League ..into a Collective Mind Of Reason... a mind of HARMONY....even with a corner of it dedicated to the FORMER Greedy League...

    meaning...that we'll BUILD The NEW Paradise all of us TOGETHER..

    And..Then...Of course....we have the Pyramids...
    But that's another story...

    Just Some Thoughts of mine..

    This Helps A LOT....
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    I got the question from a friend of mine that caught her self thinking negative thoughts from time to time...
    and asked me what to do in order to AVOID this...

    AND she also asked about the progress of the Russian Pyramids...the Ecological Converters...

    Below is my answers...
    The ONE thing we all are subject the INFLUENCE of the Mind Matrix...both the Positive concepts AND the negative ones...As Our MIND is our tool to be rational and analytical..we tend to believe and/or actually REACT to the frequencies of our mentioned above..having its origion from the Mind Matrix...the very thing to determine..or AVOID..if you like...having and/or Nurturing NEGATIVE thoughts or to WEIGH these thoughts/concepts against your Very GUT feeling...because when introducing Your GUT...You are in fact Introducing YOU in relation to the Vibrations of the UNIVERSE...
    the Universal Consciousness...and if you experience a warm and GOOD are in line with cosmos...if you on the other hand are experiencing an uncomfortable are in the line of something else...the Mind Matrix..OR your negative PAST experiences...

    About the Pyramids....
    The FUNDING is STILL not a DONE...
    I'm working very HARD on did Denise...
    I'll let you know when some progress is made...

    Take Care

    This Helps A LOT....
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    To give some more insight into the above post of mine...
    here's what David Cameron, CEO of, have discovered:
    The solar plexus chakra

    We continue with our introduction into the transforming,
    healing and empowering your life working directly on the
    chakras and energy bodies. Today, we are looking at the
    solar plexus chakra.

    Name :=: Location :=: Body Parts it Supports :=: Issues It

    Solar Plexus :=: Slightly above navel :=: Abs and stomach,
    liver, gallbladder, small intestines, pancreas, kidney,
    adrenal gland, spleen, mid spine, etc :=: Persona. Self-
    esteem, responsibility, decisions, honor, respect, gut
    instinct, fear, trust, etc

    This energy center deals with development of personality and
    individuality, decision-making, self-responsibility and
    self-esteem. Healthy development in this center enables you
    to trust your decisions and feel safe making them. It also
    enables you to lead a life that feels fulfilling to you. The
    more developed this center is in you, the less blocked it
    is, the higher your self-esteem will be. A person with self-
    esteem shortages tends to attract relationships and
    conditions that mirror their low self-worth back to them.

    This center is also the source of instinct, or gut-feeling.
    Instinct is a natural feeling that comes from within, from
    your soul, regarding what is happening in your life at the
    moment. It is a communication that is always right and
    timely. It is always there, but few hear it because of all
    the mental and emotional interference they carry around

    Low self-esteem and poor decision-making development
    are especially blocking to these instinctive feelings. A
    person with low self-esteem and decision-making capability
    is unable to trust and follow their instincts because they
    have given away their power to external entities, always
    wondering whether they will fail in the eyes of others.

    Instinct from the soul will always guide you toward the
    right path for you. It cannot be wrong, for it is from a
    source that defies space and time, the part of you that is
    closest to The Source, the Creator. Instinct always guides
    you to take the next greater step. Sometimes this step may
    be to the unknown, and therefore only those without fear of
    external factors can follow it consistently.

    This chakra calls for yet another move away from group
    thought, of course. It is a step further towards
    individuating. Without breaking away from group thought,
    your self-esteem cannot mature fully because self-esteem
    literally means moving the power base from external factors
    and authority to internal guidance and security. External
    factors always change so the only true security that can
    last you a lifetime is to be found deep within you.
    Without internal power, you would be unable to effect your life
    situations to your satisfaction and comfort on the long
    term. So moving away from group thought is not a selfish and
    arrogant thing to do, as long as you don't do it by
    attacking that group thought. Just as much as you have a
    right to have your own system, so does everyone else.
    People do not have to agree with you, and in fact fighting to prove
    yourself right is a power-eroding battle to yourself and
    others. It is absolutely pointless and damaging to all
    involved. All you are asked to do is put your foot down to
    the universe and claim your own say, no more, no less.
    Remember, the world will always reflect your internal
    composition back to you. It is the law of cause and effect.

    If as a child and throughout life you avoided or were not
    given the chance to make decisions and experience your own
    power, you would not have had the chance to see that you
    really do have power and to experience that your choices
    have outcomes. You would not have had the chance to
    experience the laws of cause and effect. Hence you would now
    find it hard to believe that you have power and your choices
    always give corresponding outcomes. The world may look like
    a random place to you, a place where luck and misfortune
    plays a role. The truth is that there is no such thing as
    chaos, luck, accidents. These are human concepts that we
    came up with to explain what we did not understand, where we
    did not see the perfect order behind the apparent chaos or

    Unfortunately, most of our society today strips its children
    of the necessary experience of decision-making when this
    chakra is most active in their growth as a theme year chakra
    (in their 3rd and 10th years) and much more importantly as
    the major cycle chakra, which is from their 14th birthday
    (their 15th year) to their 22nd birthday (the end of their
    21st year). This leaves them quite dependent and incapable
    of making decisions they can believe in and experience
    effects of. These are the teen years during which children
    naturally feel the urgency to learn this skill.
    Now, it does not help that the parent criticizes their decisions and
    tells them they are incapable of making decisions because
    they are 'too young to know'. Parents and society in general
    has tended to criticize the teenage years and put as much
    control as possible, which is very counter-productive in
    many ways. Sure, teens need guidance, but exerting no-choice
    control and telling a teen that they are incapable of making
    good decisions so they must be made for them is, as our
    societies now prove by result, not the way forward.

    A person must have a chance at making their own decisions
    (with guidance but not interference), even if they may be
    mistaken, or else they will not learn the cause and effect
    nature of choices, the power of choices, or even the
    existence of choice-making ability. The law of cause and
    effect, of reaping and sawing, is what runs this entire
    universe. Even quantum physics and other branches of science
    attest to this. And the years to naturally learn of this law
    by first hand experience, without interference, is from the
    15th to the 21st year, and to a minor extent in the 3rd and
    10th year. Failure to do so vastly disempowers a person for
    they do not believe that their decisions have any effect,
    they do not believe they are capable of creating their own
    lives, and this ends up victimizing them for years to come
    until they learn the hard way that cause and effect is the
    way of the world. As a man thinketh, so is he. How else can
    you learn this naturally without experiencing it consciously
    without external interference and pressure?

    And yet another common blockage that develops in this chakra
    occurs when a person frequently makes decisions based on
    their fears. When a person's fears dictate their choices,
    they completely strip this person of a vast amount of
    personal power and self-determination ability.

    Self-responsibility is simply the realization that we are at
    cause of our world. With self-esteem and decision-making
    abilities intact, a person starts to see the ever-present
    link between their choices and their world. They see that
    they really do have the power to shape their lives exactly.

    The more they see this, the more they are happily able to
    see their responsibility over their own selves. And the more
    they are able to fashion their financial, health and
    relationship affairs as they wish them to be. When this
    happens, they stop attracting situations that mirror their
    low self esteem and power and start attracting those that
    mirror their internal wholeness and security. With
    responsibility comes response-ability.
    Some amazing findings don't you think..?
    Hopefully my postings give you something that you can have use of in your everyday life..

    Take Your GUT...
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    This Helps A LOT....
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    So Folks... USING your GUT more frequently as an will soon LEARN to recognize every thought/Idea/concept or emotion for what it is...and also to nurture or disregard any Positive/negative Thought/Idea/concept or Emotion that manifest...

    I's not easy....BUT... IT CAN BE DONE...
    Hope this helps...

    This Helps A LOT....
    ...AND...This is for FREE...;)
    ...Are you a Budding Writer like me?...
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    I couldn't resist posting this...
    as it did hit me real hard in my EGO...
    Here's som Advice from David Cameron...
    How to Have a Good Day
    How do you guarantee that your waking moments, your days,
    are successful, joyful, effortless, and deliver the results
    of your desires?

    There is a way to accomplish this. It is a simple way but it
    requires a few steps that may be very different from your
    current habits. However, with willingness to practice every
    one of these steps, you will soon replace your old habits
    with this new way. The following steps are adopted from A
    Course in Miracles.

    Step 1: The Day You Wish To Have
    The first thing to realize is that you are always making
    decisions, that decisions are continuous. You are not aware
    of many of the ones you make, but by practicing awareness of
    the present moment, you will begin to become aware of many
    more of the thoughts and decisions you previously made

    The first thing to do, when you wake up every day, is to ask
    yourself "What kind of day would I like to have today?" Feel
    your desire for such a day. Then remember that whatever you
    ask for, you always receive by universal law. The point of
    the remaining steps that follow this one is to fine-tune
    that asking and uncover the "sabotaging" asking that has
    been going on behind the scene.

    To recap:

    1. Think about the kind of day that you wish to have.
    Actually, go over the experiences and feelings you would
    like to have. Feel the reasons and desires, the experiences
    of such a day.

    2. Remember that you always receive whatever you ask for.

    3. Therefore, you know that there is a way that this day you
    desire can happen automatically. You need not know how. In
    fact, you do not know how exactly. The how is up to Life to
    take care of. Life, The Source of All That Is, is the Maker,
    Doer and Director of the outcome of the intent that you

    Step 2: Make No Decision by Yourself
    Once you have decided on what kind of a day you wish to
    have, it is now time to let go and let Life work. It is time
    to realize that whenever you make a decision, you always do
    so on either of two sides. One is the side of love and
    acceptance, and the other is the side of fear. You always
    have either one of these two advisors for every decision you

    To make things clear, we now bring in the sources of these
    advisors. Fear comes from ego. In fact, ego is 100% fear,
    and that is its total construction. Ego is merely a set of
    beliefs that one has put together over a lifetime, starting
    as a child. A belief is merely a thought that is habitually
    repeated whenever a trigger situation arises. A belief is
    formed after the first instance that such a trigger
    situation happened in the holder's life. That is all.

    It can be dropped in an instant. A belief maintains an illusion
    contrary to Reality. Reality does not depend on a belief for
    Reality to exist. It just is. However, an illusion can only
    happen when there is a belief behind it, when a certain
    thought is repeated over and over, creating this illusion as
    a natural outcome of the Laws of Cause and Effect. The
    minute the belief is dropped the illusion starts collapsing
    and leaves behind the Reality it once covered. Love is the
    only Reality. Fear is the denial of love and all that goes
    with it, such as trust, acceptance, and so on. Now you begin
    to see how ego, that basket of beliefs that people decide
    defines them and who they are, is a basket of thoughts
    arising out of fear and its various forms, such as attack,
    anger, judgment, denial, low self-esteem, un-acceptance, and
    so on.

    Let us look at advisor number one - fear, ego. You now know
    that it is formed over time as a fear-based reaction to
    certain events. For example, a child may be innocently
    playing and discovering their world, know nothing to be
    wrong with them, desiring only to be loved and to enjoy.
    Then one day, this child's teacher, neighbor, parent,
    brother or sister reprimands this child for something that
    they judged to be "wrong". The child is now left with the
    question "What did I do wrong that made that person withdraw
    their love from me?" And here is formed the first inner
    critic, the first strand of ego, with an false intent of
    making sure that in a similar situation this child will not
    act in that way again, or express themselves freely in that
    way again, lest they shall be found worthy of punishment,
    guilty, and unloved.

    Therefore, this inner critic, this new voice, keeps trying
    to control and block the child in ways that avoid a similar
    performance in similar events. From that point on, the
    present is no longer faced afresh, is no longer seen in
    Reality, but is covered by the past-based belief being
    carried by the ego. Until that is dropped and love and self-
    acceptance allowed again in such situations, self-sabotage
    and pain will happen in similar situations. These situations
    will arise often in an attempt to give this person an
    opportunity to drop the belief, remove that block they put
    in years ago, and allow the force of Life to thrive through
    them and grow without further hindrance.

    Why does it need to be cleared? Because it is false, and
    limits expression of truth and life as it is without
    judgment. It is false because the child was never wrong. The
    person who judged the child decided, based on their own set
    of beliefs, that what the child had done was worthy of a
    denial of love, of punishment. The child would have been ok
    if it had not accepted this judgment as "truth" and judged
    itself as "wrong". However, it accepted this foreign
    decision, this attempt to deny life to what is, as the
    "truth". It judged itself as guilty and having failed, and
    hence the ego and the block were added.

    Do you see how this all works?

    You, who are made eternally in the image and
    likeness of The Source, God, cannot lose this position under
    any circumstance, and any attempt to deny this, to impose
    guilt, unworthiness and failure on Who You Really Are can
    only succeed as an illusion. Do you know what image and
    likeness means? All our religions remind us that we are made
    in the image and likeness of The One Creator, that were are
    part of it, not separate from it. "Image" means of the same
    form and design. Here we are talking about you, and you are
    spirit. Your body is just a temporary jacket that you put on
    and will soon take off and move on without. "Likeness" means
    of the same properties and content, such as power and
    abilities, knowing, being, size, extent, presence, and so

    The only difference between you and the part of you that
    you call God, is that (1) God is fully aware and conscious,
    not pretending, limiting and denying Who It Really Is (2)
    God created you by extending Itself, just like a parent
    creates a child by extending themselves. That is it! That is
    the only difference. This means that the only two things
    that you are not capable of is creating God and destroying
    anything Real, for nothing Real can be threatened, as all
    Reality is an extension of The First Force. Any other limits
    you face are those you place and accept on yourself.
    Ego knows absolutely very little, it defends that little
    morsel that it knows with all its might, and all it knows
    arises from fear, and thus it knows not the truth.

    Love, on the other hand, knows Reality. Reality comes in
    Whole, and as Truth. Now why would you wish to place your
    trust in the ego that knows so little about the Infinite
    universe, in fact knows the exact opposite of What Is? Would
    it not be much more beneficial to let go and trust that
    Love, which is part of you, the same One Fabric that can
    never be separated from you except in illusion, knows the
    How of how your desires shall be realized? It is, after all,
    the Infinite Intelligence that runs Creation. It is part of
    you, and you are part of it, all an indivisible part of All
    That Is, The Source, God, or whatever term you like.

    Now that we know who the two advisors are, let us look at
    how you can always have love as your advisor and avoid
    having fear as your advisor. As long as you have ego working
    strongly in your life, any decision you make by yourself is
    made with ego as your advisor. It is very simple to turn
    that around. All you do is declare that:
    Today I will make no decisions by myself.

    All that this means is that you choose not to judge the
    events that arise. Remember, once you ask for something, the
    Intelligence of Life brings it to you in the most efficient
    way. It knows, for example, what sequences of events would
    lead to what you asked for to manifest. It knows which
    blocks within you need up to come to your attention and be
    cleared so that your desire may be manifested. For example,
    if you have a subconscious blockage that you are not aware
    of that is sabotaging your desires manifesting perfectly, it
    may be necessary for a situation to be brought to you that
    allows this hidden blockage to rise to the surface. This
    happens so that you may resolve it permanently by redefining
    who you hold yourself to be, in the light of love and not
    fear. So at times, when such situations arise, you may
    actually think that you are going in the opposite direction
    to your desire, while in reality you are actually being
    presented with a chance to clear your hidden fears by
    bringing them to Truth and Love.

    So simply decide not to judge the situations that arise.
    When you judge them, you are setting the rules, from your
    egoic experience, of how you should react and what things
    'should' be. In such a position of mind, any other answer to
    your question, no matter how right and relevant it is, can
    only bring frustration, confusion, uncertainty and fear in
    your mind. Only because you have decided what the answer
    should be and then asked the question, fighting the Real
    answers unless they match the answer you previously decided
    should be, no matter how illusion and fear based your
    expected "answer" is. When you ask for something, and then
    make up your mind what the form and process of the answer
    will be and block anything else, any Real answer will
    contradict your false one that you defend, and so you shall
    feel attacked and therefore angry and lacking. In addition,
    you shall miss the Real answer, only to wonder later what
    went wrong.

    Step 3: Affirm the Day and Your Non-Judgment
    Once more, think about the kind of day that you wish to
    have. Actually, go over the experiences and feelings you
    would like to have. Then, say to yourself:
    If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will
    be given me.

    Throughout the day, repeat this process every now and then.
    This will reprogram your old habits and within a short time,
    it will be second nature to have Love and Infinity, instead
    of fear and contraction, as your advisor.
    In other words, if you do not allow your ego to block things
    up, to bring up thoughts that negate your desire, Life will
    naturally, without hindrance, bring exactly what you asked
    for, in the most wholesome way.

    Step 4: If You Slip...
    In the event that you find yourself angry and frustrated
    during the day, it will be time to recognize that the reason
    why you are in such a position is that you have pre-judged
    unconsciously and the answer being given to you looks like
    it is attacking the one you have already decided should be.
    It is thus necessary to quickly correct your mind and choose
    again to have an answer that works, not one that just fits
    your ego's limited ideas. If you do not correct it quickly,
    you will keep reinforcing your ego until it grows to a point
    where you blindly believe that the only answer to your
    desire is the one your ego has formulated. And because it
    can never be, you will find it increasingly difficult to get
    what you truly desire. Therefore, make this correction
    immediately, by saying to yourself:

    I have no question. I forgot what to decide.
    This makes you realize that the original question and desire
    has been hijacked by the ego.

    Step 5: If Your Resistance Is High
    If you find that you are still resisting letting go and
    trusting Life, you need another method to clear up the
    confusion. To get out of your cycle of making your own ego-
    based decisions, all you do is say to yourself:
    At least I can decide I do not like what I feel now.
    Well, that part is easy, isn't it? If you are angry at your
    day, at least you can admit you don't like what you feel
    about it. Once you admit that, you can easily admit the

    And so I hope I have been wrong.

    This will remind you that, based on your original true
    desire made before you started getting angered by thoughts
    arising from your ego, Life is bring in situations that
    would help you eventually to get what you desired. Through
    acceptance and working with the situations presented to you
    from a standpoint of love and willingness to discover the
    truth about Who You Really Are, you get closer to being the
    person who can have what you wished for in the first place.
    Success is not something you can chase after - it is
    something that you attract by the person you become.

    By admitting that you could be wrong in your judgment of the
    situation, and seeing that you stand to gain by accepting
    and working with the situation with love and awareness, to
    grow, you start to see the benefit of letting go. You start
    to see that your happiness does not depend on your ego being
    right. In fact, you start to see that you would be much
    better off if your ego is wrong.

    Step 6: Another Way to Look At It
    Once you see that your perception is the cause of your pain,
    you can now say to yourself:
    I would like to have another way to look at this.
    This drops the ego's goal that had replaced your original
    desire. The ego's goal was "I am only happy if I am right
    even when in reality I am wrong". This insane goal had
    started to replace the original desire for your day.
    Finally, solidify your willingness to see clearly by stating
    it to yourself, by declaring yourself willing to see things
    clearly, by asking to be shown how to do so. You do this by
    saying to yourself:

    Perhaps there is another way to look at this. What can I
    lose by asking? I am now willing to see things clearly. Show
    You then stop fighting against life. Remember, what you
    resist persists, what you love and accept releases you.
    In addition, isn't it easier to have a happy day when you do
    not allow unhappiness of any form to enter in the first

    Putting It into Practice
    Using the Prova LifeGoals Effortless Achiever+ software (or
    a paper journal if you do not have the software), go through
    the above steps every day. It is very important to document
    your steps as you go through them. Make quick notes. Write
    down what you feel about them, what you feel about your day,
    what is going on, how you are progressing, and so on. At the
    end of the day, write a review of your day. The software has
    fields made available to you for each step.

    The reason why you make this written record is (1) it helps
    you catch your habits and thoughts faster so that you can
    correct them better, (2) establishes and shows you the
    pattern of cause and effect in your perception and (3)
    allows you to review your days in future for whatever
    analysis reason you may have. Remember, you cannot change
    what you cannot identify, and keeping records is the best
    way to identify unconscious negative patterns so that you
    may transform them. It is also a great way to record your
    success so that you may see how well you really are growing
    and how powerful you actually are, more than you may have
    imagined you were!

    Article written by David Cameron, CEO
    Who Am I...?...ME—or WHAT?...The One I've THOUGHT to BE...
    OR...Just ME....?
    WHO...Decide about My Future...?
    Well...ask yourself...
    It's only some thoughts of Mine...
    This Helps A LOT....
    ...AND...This is for FREE...;)
    ...Are you a Budding Writer like me?...
    here's some FREE help...;)

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