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Thread: LIFE is NOW !!

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    Default LIFE is NOW !!

    Yes Life is NOW !!

    what we are doing here ?

    we all have tursted and loaned lots of money to PIPS

    I don't care where Bryan is, but for sure is not doing what he has to do

    don't get me wrong but this is not the way to treat thousands of people that

    trusted you ! yes you

    so get on with your life because I already put a cross on my thousands of $

    loaned to you Bryan

    Yes you


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    Hello Crystal,

    Take a deep inhale.....exhale. Heaven knows we all understand the need to vent.

    Read around the forum. Lots of interesting threads to ease your pain and discomfort for now. Do not give up hope on your PIPS account or what it could have been. Life does move on and moving on is what we are doing here.

    A great thread to read is the ..."Humble request...merged..." in the begining of this topic.

    Spend a few days here and you will see that all is good and most of us are living in the NOW.


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